Hushovd Defies the Odds!

by CyclingTips

What a race yesterday!  All I can say is…WOW!  There was action straight from the start with the 5 unknowns attacking early and gaining 23mins all the way through to the final corner where the bunch came back together which resulted in a bunch sprint. It was a once in a lifetime spectacle in the unlikely location of Geelong.

I’m not sure if the exciting and unpredictable race was a consequence of no race radios being used, but we certainly got to see an unbelievable race unlike any other we’ve seen in a long, long time.

As they say, a picture says a thousand words so I’ll keep my ramblings short today. We certainly have lots of photos to tell the story of the race and show the atmosphere. I want to extend my sincere thanks to Veeral Patel, James Broadway, Leigh Schilling and Stefano Sirotti for slugging it out and getting these unbelievable photos we’ve been enjoying. To see them out there this week having so much fun mixing it up with the best cycling photographers in the world was awesome. Without them this cycling blog would be nothing and words can’t express my appreciation for their efforts.

Now that the PRO’s season is largely over it signifies that the best part of Australia’s cycling season has just begun. Our days are getting longer and the magpies are swooping. Good times ahead!

Event Gossip

I’ve been getting Dave Olle’s (TopBike Tours) email updates from the Worlds with some interesting happenings. Here’s a snippet from today’s email:

Davide Cassani (Italian commentator and outer of Rassmussen and Cancellara): At the final Ital-Cham buffet banquet, while Bronzini, Bettini, Pozzatto, Bruseghin, Tossato et al, were all quietly mobbed, Cassani wandered around alone. Until we introduced ourselves, whence upon he quickly posed for a photo, then flicked us.Enjoys his own company we suspect.

Nicole Cooke: After a mexican stand off in the finish straight with Judith Arndt, that certainly cost them both a shot at medals, and crossing the line to finish in a foul mood, Nicole turned to her Australian soigneur and said ‘I need a hug’.

Cancellara: Last night at dinner (Parker’s Steakhouse) on an adjacent table, when Fabian’s steak arrived we hoped it would not attract any undue attention in a couple of month’s time.

Phil Liggett, the voice of cycling AND the centre of attention, apparently: On an adjacent table on Saturday night sat Liggett, Sherwen and Rochelle Gilmore, we congratulated them on the day’s call, before wishing Rochelle luck in her Comm games race next Sunday. Phil said with surprise ‘I’m not racing!’  “No, no Phil” we said, “We were talking to Rochelle”.

What a champion. Cuddles has that “hurtbox” look on his face before the race has even begun.

Yuzuru Sunada has had some late nights this past week. I don’t know how these PRO photogs do it. They have one of the toughest jobs in the entire peloton

Go Marocco!

Thanks to Paul W. for capturing this moment of Stuey on the last lap opening up a can of whoop-ass on the bunch

No one, I mean no one, can hurt themselves like Cadel can!

Who would have ever thought this would come back together into a bunch kick?

A perfectly refined victory salute if I’ve ever seen one!  I’m guessing Romain Feillu (France) who is unclipped behind was suffering some major cramps.

Cadel put on a magnificent ride and did the Rainbow Jersey proud over the past year.

Stefano Sirotti and Bettini (looking back behind him)

@Mark__Grant called it!

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