It Was Almost Never To Be…

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On Monday’s post a reader left a comment that I found quite funny.

Funny early moment was seeing Thor, Edvald and Kristoff roll of Swantson St to sign in only to be denied entry by the unwitting security guard at the barrier. Much to their bemusement the security guard both didn’t recognise them or believe they were pros. When Kristoff produced his pass he then looked at the Edvald and Thor to say “and yours?”. The two of them looked at each other as if to say “Is he kidding?”.

I had to laugh this morning to see 3 photos capturing moment waiting in my inbox. Thanks for sending in JH. Good catch!

We were at the back of the outdoor presentation area in Melbourne where the riders were being introduced to the public. Thor and the Norwegian team arrived at the entry gate, most other teams were already in, only to find that the guy on the gate would not let them in.  You can see from the 3 shots they got in and laughed about the experience.  Lucky he got in might not have won.

JJ Haedo: “Don’t let these muppets in boys. C Grade is over there”

Those Norge’s are always gatecrashing these events…

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