Lucy and Cevi (1 of 1)

Funny day here in Adelaide today….The GF who quite frankly is now cycling mad, and first sat on a bike in March!…. Get’s off work early (3pm) so we can do some sneaky hill repeats up Mount Lofty! Well on the last climb of the day I took this spooky shot of the clouds rolling in. 8 deg c and its nearly Oct!!!! She gets strange looks at work now, when she runs the line ” SHUT UP LEGS! ” I have created a climbing monster!!! oh the pain of a 52kg chick on a 6.2kg bike that gets massively better with every ride…. “Cevi” her trusty Cervelo takes her to all the cool spots! and as if by accident, she pretty much follows all of the “RULES” . Arandom act was some dude coming up later with a cycling tips jersey!!! cool!!! So with the 5 min stop for a double macchiato we were off to bomb down the eagle once more… -Ben