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One of my favorite photos – submitted by Jon (see his flickr). Unfortunately it was disqualified from the competition because of suspect EXIF. Either way, it’s a cool shot

The What You Missed This Morning competition is finally complete. Just as you’d expect from any cycling contest it was filled with scandal, corruption doping, false positives and positive falses.  Any competition that offers a great range of prizes is bound to attract some very competitive behavior and I’m glad to see the amount of controversy this generated. The UCI will be very proud of me and I’ve emulated their business model beautifully.

Grand Prize: Sleeping In | Dave

As with any online competition that requires voting and public opinion to win, a large amount of it has to with having friends in high places up in the interweb. Dave C, the photographer of this winning photo, had a bit of pull from fyxomatosis to help rally for votes. There’s nothing wrong with this and in fact I encourage it. It’s just a digital form of campaigning and goes on in the real world all the time. It also helps drive traffic to this blog which helps me achieve my evil master plan.

Dave’s photo of his wife having a lay-in (yet to be confirmed that this isn’t Dave’s backside) is the winner of a <C-4> CA2.7 wheelset from Endless Pedal. I own a set similar to these and I rate them highly. You can read a review of these wheels here. Thank you to Endless Pedal for donating this set of wheels as the grand prize to our competition.

Second Prize: Go Richie! | Christian

Taken on iPhone 3G (no modification), at timing station 1km from finish of elite men’s time trial at Worlds. Richie Porte going into warp speed trying to catch Martin | Christian

During the final hours of voting I noticed some irregularities with the popularity of the “Go Richie” photo. Since this was indeed very suspicious I looked into the IP addresses of where the votes were originating from. There were many duplicate votes that were attempting to overtake the leading “Sleeping In” photo. It looked like the good ol’ “one-two” was attacking the hell out of the first place photo with a bit of collusion taking place. Since “Go Richie” still had a gap on third place but still trying to catch first place’s wheel, I decided to subtract the duplicate votes and put the photo in it’s rightful spot. If it were a photo of Vinokourov, I wouldn’t have cut him the same slack  ;-) Richie is always in my good books.

Congratulations to Christian for winning a one year subscription to Strava as well as a Garmin Edge 500. Thanks to Strava for supporting the competition and donating this fantastic prize.

Third Place: Mt.Wellington | Henry

Winter training on the lower slopes of Mt.Wellington in Hobart.  At this time of year normally chilly rides become a little more chilling due to the snow that falls quite low on many of the good climbs around Hobart.  It adds a surreal aspect to riding and makes for great photos!  This picture taken with an iphone 3G and edited with the Adobe PhotoShop Express App. | Henry

“Mt Wellington” was the silent achiever in this competition. No controversy, no suspected EXIF doping. Henry just went about it’s business training hard in the treacherous conditions of Tasmanian. Or perhaps Henry is in hospital with hypothermia without internet access after taking this photo. We’ll never know…

For this submission into the contest Henry wins a Giro Ionos helmet courtesy of BikeForce Docklands. Everybody has their own idea of a PRO looking helmet. This one is my favorite.

Fourth Prize: Hors Catégorie | Owen

Photo of the Hors categorie climb Luz-Ardiden, France. Taken near the top, looking back down the climb at my friend Mark in a world of pain. Taken with iphone 4 and edited in photoshop | Owen

Some suspect findings occured in the EXIF testing of “Hors Categorie” at our dodgy accredited WADA lab in Switzerland. The A-sample tested positive for trace amounts of Canon IXUS 130. Upon further investigation into the B-Sample, it appears that sloppy batch processing and poorly tested iphone firmware was the cause of this adverse finding. It’s all good now and we wish Owen all the best with getting a new contract after his suspension and he rebuilds his ruined reputation. Life is harsh, but this is the way we play here at the UCI.


To get Owen back on his feet until he gets a new career and reputation he is the proud winner of a 2 year subscription to RIDE Cycling Review. All the best to you Owen.

Fifth Prize: On The Fence | Nicholas

Day 2 (Rathdowney to Casino) of our four day cycling tour of South-East Queensland and Northern NSW. Just past the Mt. Lyndsey climb and we had our first puncture. Whilst waiting for the puncture to be fixed, the bunch instinctively leant their bikes up against the barbed wire fence – and with that backdrop, well a photo opportunity if there ever was one. Taken on an iPhone 3G using Photogene and then additional post-processing done on the phone using Camera Kit.   –Nicholas

Thankfully we’re out of controversial territory now and Nicholas wins a hard earned fifth place. For his efforts he receives an uber-cool BMC messenger bag. I wish BMC would give me one of these…

Early Morning Scarborough | Shaun

Taken from the northern tip of Redcliffe looking out over Deception Bay/Moreton Bay | Shaun

This photo was actually one of my favorites. I’m glad it made it into the final winners but I thought it would have been higher up. In any case, Shaun wins a great prize courtesy of TopBike Tours. A Vuelta prize pack that was brought back from this year’s Vuelta. It includes a phone lanyard, sunglasses, cap, La vuelta bracelet and backpack.

ANZ Finalist Voting Breakdown:

International Winner

Swiss Walls | Fabio

Greetings from Switzerland. Picture shot with my Nokia 3120 cell phone on the St. Gotthardpass, Switzerland. -Fabio

The international photo submissions were definitely among the best. It was their summer riding that inspired us all and we received lots of great photos from our overseas readers. The winner was “Swiss Walls” by Fabio from Switzerland. I wish I could have come up with more prizes and chose a larger podium. Because of the geographical restrictions that our sponsors have I was able to come up with a prize out of my own pockets that Fabio will receive – a Cycling Tips kit made by Capoforma. Since you probably have no idea who the Collingwood Magpies are, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this photo competition. I had a lot of fun opening up my emails every morning and seeing all the great pics waiting there for me. Please keep sending me your photos to WYMTM2010@gmail.com. You can use whatever type camera you like. If it’s good quality, composition, and inspirational I’d definitely love to post it.

Could the winners please get in touch with me at WYMTM2010@gmail.com with their mailing addresses so prizes can be awarded.

Have a great weekend and ride hard!

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