World Championships Women’s Road Race

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I’ve still got World Champs fever and there’s lots that I haven’t posted yet. The Women’s road race is old news now but I thought I’d show the photos that Veeral and James took on Saturday.

After many “passionate” emails to me about not covering the women’s race I’m a little taken back and have mixed feelings whether it’s worth my time and effort to cover a topic that a minority of you are interested in (as demonstrated by the reader survey conducted last year). I value the posts written by women contributors here such as Lisa Jacobs and Rachel Neylan and would like to continue along that path, however it seems to come at a cost with a backlash of emails directed at me whenever I miss a women’s event. Please remember, CT is not or and has no intention in going that direction.

Now that a year has passed and the readership may have changed slightly, my question to you is this: Does women’s cycling interest you?

Leave your comments and your vote if you have an opinion. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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