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Earlier this week a student from Christchurch named Johannes Bay sent me this documentary he made for his drama/media class. It describes the intensity and commitment that a young cyclist must have to be competitive in our sport. It’s an inspiring 5 minutes starring Jacob Junghanns. I hope you find the time to watch it.

What I find most impressive is that a young high school student could possibly have the motivation and commitment to a sport as demanding as cycling. The social life of a teenager doesn’t mix well with a sport such as cycling and I’m always impressed by these youngsters who manage it. The fact that cycling is not a mainstream sport and doesn’t have the same development opportunities as most team sports have makes it even more difficult.

Thanks for sending in Johannes. It sets a great example for all the young cyclists out there needing a dose of motivation and direction. I don’t think there’s any question about where Jacob is heading.

Doesn’t it also make you want to go to NZ to do some riding?

Have a great weekend, ride safe, and ride hard.

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