This was one of those rides we were just happy riding along and telling each other a few lies about how good we used to be. It was one of those rare times where there was no smashing the climbs and no halfwheeling.  It was hard not to be constantly in awe of the scenery. Ocean views, rolling green hills amongst massive landscapes, rainforest that make you feel like you’re on Pandora, waterfalls, heaps of wildlife, etc. I’ve ridden lots of places in the world but this has to be up there on my “best of” list (that gives me another idea for a blog post…).

The good folks from Rapid Ascents have been promoting the Cyclecover Circuit Rainforest Ride here on CyclingTips. I’ve seen some phenomenal images of the course and have always wondered “where is that?”. Well, now I finally understand why these guys spend their year organising this. You can make a great weekend of it and take part in the mass participation Cyclecover Rainforest Ride next month on December 11. There are a few different options and distances that can be found here. Alternatively, if you’re not into participation rides and want to enjoy this amazing roads all to yourself I’ve posted the route below. I highly recommend you give it a shot this summer.

Enough of me harping on. The photos speak for themselves.

See full ride details on Strava