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When I left Canada to come to Australia I swore that I would never do another indoor training session again. Nearly our entire winter training regime was done on indoor trainers or rollers where I would be pedaling infront of old Tour de France videos 6 days a week for up to 5 hour sessions. I’m scarred for life because of this. There are a few things I miss about Canada, but indoor training was something I was happy to leave behind. There are only a few days a year here in Melbourne in which it’s unbearable to ride outside and I can quite easily handle taking a day of here and there if the weather gets too bad.

Ironically I’ve been sucked back into ergo training and now do 1 to 2 sessions per week. It’s not because of the cold, wet winter we’ve had (well, partially). It’s mostly because of the rock solid training session I get out of it in only an hour. As life has gotten busier I’ve had to find ways at making this sport more time efficient. I find it funny that I moved all the way to Australia and this is where I’ve learned the most about ergo training and now look forward to it. You’ll find that many of the PROs are also big fans of ergo.

I’ve seen a lot of different types of ergos and indoor trainers in my day and I can say with 100% honesty that the Wattbike is one of the best I’ve ever used. There are a couple small things I’d change about it if it were up to me, but for the most part it’s a fantastic training tool.

It’s been exactly one year since Wattbike began sponsoring CyclingTips and to celebrate this I thought it would be fun to hold a competition featuring some cool prizes. Without Wattbike and the other sponsors help I would never be able to afford the hosting costs, photography, trips to Noosa, power balance bracelets, and other expenses to help keep this site ticking along.

The Competition

All you have to do to enter is write your ergo training tip in the comments sections below. It can be anything such as good ergo workouts, good movies to watch, ways to make ergo more mentally bearable, or simply why you think ergo is beneficial to your riding. The best tips will be selected as the winners. Prizes are listed below and the competition is open to Australian residents. The competition closes on Thursday, Nov 11 at midnight and winners will be announced on Friday, Nov 12 on Twitter (you can also see my twitter feed on right-hand column of this page).

Grand Prize – 12 Week Coaching Program and Wattbike Sessions

The Grand Prize is a individualised 12 week coaching program with former PRO and Giro d’Italia Donne stage winner Rebecca McConnell. Also included are 2 Wattbike ergo training sessions per week for 3 months (total of 24 sessions valued at $560) at Velocino in Blackrock (sorry non-Melbournians). Rebecca’s athletes have had some impressive results under her guidance (testimonials here) and you could be the next Club Champion by the end of the summer.

Be sure to include your location in your entry and if you want to be included in the Grand Prize draw (I recognise that not everyone lives in close proximity to Black Rock)

Runner Up Prizes – Chasing Legends DVDs

Since everyone won’t be eligible for the 12 week training sessions because of the physical location involved, I have 4 copies of Chasing Legends to give away as runner up prizes.  These are the perfect companion to getting through those excruciating indoor training sessions. They also make a great Christmas gift and you can purchase them here if you don’t win.

I’ve watched this movie 7 times now and still can’t get enough of it. It’ll blow your socks off. It’s basically a documentary that follows HTC-Columbia around the 2008 Tour de France. There’s some really good candid interviews with the riders and phenomenal footage of all the drama that surrounds the race. My absolute favorite moment is the coverage of stage 4 where HTC-Columbia throws it in the gutter in the crosswinds and rips the peloton apart. If you liked Overcoming or Hell on Wheels, you’ll love Chasing Legends.

See the trailer here:

Have a great weekend and enjoy the spring-like weather!

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