The talented team that produced this GORC film are the following: Produced by Wilf Sweetland, Directed by Joel Harmsworth, Edited by Endless Pedal (Graeme Pereira). Well done guys. Love your work.

Where Should Our Next Film Be Competition!

That’s right. These film makers are just getting warmed up. They’re keen to produce many more of these short cycling films around Australia and we thought it would be cool to let you decide where the next movie is to be shot. Not only that, if we pick your ride suggestion you will win a full summer ensemble of Rapha kit and have the opportunity to be one of the riders in the next film.

All you have to do is enter your ride suggestion in the comments below and tell us why it would make for great filming. Even better if you can think of some great story or theme that could go along with it. For instance, something like “the same Melbourne to Warrnambool route that Sir Hubert Opperman rode to victory in his first victory in 1924“, or something to that effect. EPICNESS is what they’re looking for!

Feel free to suggest any amazing ride located anywhere in Australia. It would help in our decision if you have a link to a map of the ride and any photos (just paste the link in your comment). Also, remember to enter your email address in your comment username (not in your comment) so we can contact you.

Competition will close on midnight, Thursday, Dec 16 (AEST) and winner will be announced on Friday, Dec 17. Winner announcement postponed until a later date due to a few details needing ironing out. Read the Terms and conditions here.

The Rapha kit that will be awarded to the winner is a Lightweight jersey, bib shorts, t-shirt, oversocksmerino socks (not shown), cap, soap and chamois cream.

Full disclosure: I’m very pleased to have been working with Rapha for the past few months. This blog however does not represent Rapha’s views nor will this blog ever sway from being the independent platform that it’s always been.