2011 Australian National Women’s Road Race Championships

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Photos courtesy of James Broadway and Jarrod Partridge

Congratulations to Alexis Rhodes for winning the 2011 Australian National Road Race on Saturday. The first time I heard of Alexis Rhodes was when I first moved to Austrlia in 2005 and saw the tragety of Amy Gillett and her teammates on the news. Alexis survived after sustaining a broken back and many other traumas. To be able to push on after such a horrific physical and emotional experience is truly remarkable.

On a personal level I also want to congratulate my friend Jo Hogan for running 3rd in her second National Road Race. Of course a big congrats goes out to Carla Ryan for getting 2nd, however after seeing first-hand how far Jo has come and riding on the same roads with her is absolutely inspiring. I’m incredibly happy to see her get such a great result amongst a break-through year. Jo is another one of those women who is well into a solid career (as an emergency nurse. Read her guest post here on how to treat an injured cyclist) and is following her dream as a professional cyclist. Well done to all you girls out there who manage to do that!

Here is a photo gallery of the Women’s National Road Race courtesy of Jarrod Partridge and  James Broadway. Love your work guys!

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