2011 Bay Crits #1 – Geelong

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Photos by Leigh Schilling

Since moving to Melbourne I’ve been involved with every Bay Crit race in some capacity. This year I’m gutted to be missing the series since I’m still in Canada, but thanks to tweets from @deanwindsor, @SophieSmith86 and @LeighSchill I was able to get the play by play with their live updates. Leigh Schilling was also there capturing the action with photos and did a spectacular job behind the camera as always.

Here are a few quick notes from Leigh:

– New Garmin kit looks just like Sky

– Robbie McEwen looks a little unfit

– HTC guys on Specialized bikes but not new team bikes yet

– Richie Porte is a monster.

– The pros made the local crit stars look like “B” graders

This year our O2 Racing team has been overrun by a bunch of mercenaries. I’m not quite certain what these hired guns have over us, but apparently names like “Mark Renshaw”, “Koen de Kort”, “David Kemp”, “Dean Windsor” and “Tom Palmer” have something we don’t. If they prove themselves we’ll let them stick around for the rest of our summer until the club champs. We could really use a few good leadout men.

Elite Women

ELITE WOMEN Stage One Results

1.        Rochelle Gilmore (Honda)

2.        Belinda Goss (Vetta Pasta)

3.        Nicole Whitburn (Unattached/Vic)

4.        Peta Mullens (Honda)

5.        Kirsty Broun (Virgin Blue)

6.        Judith Arndt (Unattached/GER)

7.        Jessica Allen (Jayco VIS)

8.        Sophie Williamson (Bicycle Superstore)

9.        Emy Huntsman (Jayco VIS)

10.      Emma Mackie (Virgin Blue)

Elite Men

ELITE MEN Stage One Results

1.        Matthew Goss (E3/Pure Tasmania)

2.        Chris Sutton (Team Sky)

3.        Allan Davis (Bikebug.com)

4.        Graeme Brown (Urban)

5.        Leigh Howard (Jayco VIS)

6.        Michael Matthews (Urban)

7.        Mark Renshaw (O2 Networks)

8.        Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)

9.        Baden Cooke (Lowe Farms/Boomaroo Nurseries)

10.      Jonathon Cantwell (Lowe Farms/Boomaroo Nurseries)

SUPPORT MEN Stage One Results

1.         Steele Van Hoff

2.         Angus Tobin

3.         Ryan Standish

4.         Neil Van Der Ploeg

5.         Shaun Lewis

6.         Jack Beckinsale

7.         Steven Martin

8.         Gary Wearmouth

9.         Craig Hutton

10.       Nic Graham-Dawson

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