2011 Bay Crits #2 – Portarlington

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Photos courtesy of Jarrod Partridge and Simon Meagher

Yesterday was day 2 of the Jayco Bay Crit Series held on the beautiful seaside town of Portarlington. By the sounds of it this was an extremely tough race that was made even tougher by part of the course being a footpath for 200m each lap. Only 23 out of the 100 riders survived until the finish. Crashes were the theme of the day.

Gerro showed some balls by attacking early and staying away with Matthews with 40mins remaining. I found it hard to believe when I heard that Matthews beat Gerro in the sprint. Gerro is by no means a pure sprinter, but he certainly has one hell of a kick on him and has beaten some of the best in the business. Good-on Matthews for a great start to the season in his new Rabobank kit.

“Nearly the entire field takes a lap out after a bingle on the bottom corner. They watch the lead break go by before heading off again much to angry shouts from the chase group (they rejoined right into the single track bike path that makes up a section of the coarse blocking the pursuers)”  |  Photo courtesy of Ex Machina

Photo courtesy of Jarrod Partridge


Photo courtesy of Jarrod Partridge

Photo courtesy of Simon Meagher

ELITE MEN Stage Two Results

1.             Michael Matthews (Urban)

2.             Simon Gerrans (Team Sky)

3.             Joe Lewis (Urban)

4.             Bernie Sulzberger (E3/Pure Tasmania)

5.             Greg Henderson (Team Sky)

6.             Wes Sulzberger (E3/Pure Tasmania)

7.             Matthew Goss (E3/Pure Tasmania)

8.             Leigh Howard (Jayco VIS)

9.             Allan Davis (Bikebug.com)

10.          Chris Sutton (Team Sky)

Jayco General Classification after Stage Two

1.             Michael Matthews (Urban)

2.             Matthew Goss (E3/Pure Tasmania)

3.             Chris Sutton (Team Sky)

4.             Simon Gerrans (Team Sky)

5.             Allan Davis (Bikebug.com)

6.             Leigh Howard (Jayco VIS)

7.             Joe Lewis (Urban)

8.             Bernie Sulzberger (E3/Pure Tasmania)

9.             Graeme Brown (Urban)

10.          Greg Henderson (Team Sky)

Women’s Race

From the sounds of it the women’s race was filled with crashes which isn’t surprising considering the footpath being a part of the course. Only 15 of the 51 starters were able to make it to the finish. From what I understand Tiffany Cromwell dominated the race and almost lapped the field to take the win home ahead of AIS teammates Lauren Kitchen and Alex Carle. Congrats Tiffany!

I was sorry to hear the Belinda Goss had taken a fall at the beginning of the race and broke her collarbone. Get well soon Belinda.

Check out BikePure to see what they’re doing in the name of clean cycling

ELITE WOMEN Stage Two Results

1.             Tiffany Cromwell (Honda)

2.             Lauren Kitchen (Jayco AIS)

3.             Alex Carle (Jayco AIS)

4.             Emma Mackie (Virgin Blue)

5.             Katherine O’Shea (Vetta Pasta)

6.             Rochelle Gilmore (Honda)

7.             Kirsty Broun (Virgin Blue)

8.             Judith Arndt (Unattached/GER)

9.             Peta Mullens (Honda)

10.          Nicole Whitburn (Unattached/Vic)

Jayco General Classification after Stage Two

1.             Rochelle Gilmore (Honda)

2.             Tiffany Cromwell (Honda)

3.             Lauren Kitchen (Jayco AIS)

4.             Belinda Goss (Vetta Pasta)

5.             Kirsty Broun (Virgin Blue)

6.             Nicole Whitburn (Unattached/Vic)

7.             Peta Mullens (Honda)

8.             Alex Carle (Jayco AIS)

9.             Emma Mackie (Virgin Blue)

10.          Judith Arndt (Unattached/GER)


Sorry…no photos

Stage Two Results

1.             Nathan Earle

2.             Steele Van Hoff

3.             Nathan Haas

4.             Paul Van Der Ploeg

5.             Mitchell Codner

6.             Ryan Standish

7.             Peter Braunsteins

8.             Stuart Grimsey

9.             Angus Tobin

10.          Campbell Flakemore

Jayco General Classification after Stage Two

1.             Steele Van Hoff

2.             Mitchell Codner

3.             Nathan Earle

4.             Angus Tobin

5.             Nathan Haas

6.             Paul Van Der Ploeg

7.             Neil Van Der Ploeg

8.             Shaun Lewis

9.             Ryan Standish

10.          Jack Beckinsale

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