2011 Bay Crits #3 – Geelong

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In my opinion this 600m hot dog course featured in yesterday’s race is the most difficult one for the competitors, and definitely the most exciting one to watch for the spectators. The circuit simply doesn’t allow for 100 riders to compete and if you’re not in that magical top 20 position, it’s going to be very difficult to finish. Positioning, strength and timing are what makes the cream rise to the top and last evening’s race around Ritchie Blvd certainly sounds like the riders put on a spectacular show.

My apologies but I have to keep it brief today as I’m very short on time and have lots on (I’m still on vacation after all). You don’t want to hear me ramble on anyway. However, here are some excellent photos sent in from Jarrod Partridge and Leanne Cole for your viewing pleasure.

Women’s Race

From what I hear, Judith Arndt rode to Geelong from Melbourne prior to the race as a warm up, with a back pack on her back, then from pretty much the first lap, launched off the front as part of the break away that stayed away for a fair chunk of the race! It sounds like Rochelle Gilmore as pretty much wrapped up the series by taking her second win last evening.


ELITE WOMEN Stage Three Results

1.             Rochelle Gilmore (Honda)

2.             Chloe Hosking (TDT/Race/BikeForce)

3.             Peta Mullens (Honda)

4.             Judith Arndt (Unattached/GER)

5.             Kirsty Broun (Virgin Blue)

6.             Bridget Officer (Vetta Pasta)

7.             Jess Allen (Jayco VIS)

8.             Melissa Hoskins (Honda)

9.             Isabella King (Vetta Pasta)

10.          Tiffany Cromwell (Honda)

Jayco General Classification after Stage Three

1.             Rochelle Gilmore (Honda)

2.             Peta Mullens (Honda)

3.             Kirsty Broun (Virgin Blue)

4.             Judith Arndt (Unattached/GER)

5.             Tiffany Cromwell (Honda)

6.             Chloe Hosking (TDT/Race/BikeForce)

7.             Lauren Kitchen (Jayco AIS)

8.             Belinda Goss (Vetta Pasta)

9.             Nicole Whitburn (Unattached/Vic)

10.          Alex Carle (Jayco AIS)

11.          Emma Mackie (Virgin Blue)

12.          Jess Allen (Jayco VIS)


Elite Men

From the press release:

And in a fascinating men’s stage, Tasmania’s Sulzberger brothers produced classic team cycling tactics to overcome the threat from super sprinters Greg Henderson and Baden Cooke.  After alternate attacks softened the legs of their rivals it was Bernie Sulzberger who prevailed over Henderson in a photo finish.  Brother Wes took the third podium spot after Cooke suffered a mechanical failure with two laps remaining.

ELITE MEN Stage Three Results

1.             Bernie Sulzberger (E3/Pure Tasmania)

2.             Greg Henderson (Team Sky)

3.             Wes Sulzberger (E3/Pure Tasmania)

4.             Baden Cooke (Lowe Farms/Boomaroo Nurseries)

5.             Michael Matthews (Urban)

6.             Matthew Goss (E3/Pure Tasmania)

7.             Allan Davis (Bikebug.com)

8.             Chris Sutton (Team Sky)

9.             Mark Renshaw (O2 Networks)

10.          Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)

Jayco General Classification after Stage Three

1.             Michael Matthews (Urban)

2.             Matthew Goss (E3/Pure Tasmania)

3.             Bernie Sulzberger (E3/Pure Tasmania)

4.             Greg Henderson (Team Sky)

5.             Chris Sutton (Team Sky)

6.             Allan Davis (Bikebug.com)

7.             Wesley Sulzberger (E3/Pure Tasmania)

8.             Simon Gerrans (Team Sky)

9.             Baden Cooke (Lowe Farms/Boomaroo Nurseries)

10.          Leigh Howard (Jayco VIS)


Men’s Support Race

Photos courtesy of Leanne Cole

From the press release:

In the support race, series leader Steele Von Hoff covered every move in the 45 minute race that quickly halved the field from 120 starters to less than 50 after just 20 minutes.  With good support from his Genesys teammates, Von Hoff took the stage win from yesterday’s stage winner Nathan Earle and Nathan Hass. Von Hoff extended his series lead to an almost unassailable 12 point lead.  A top ten finish will secure the Victorian the series win.

SUPPORT MEN Stage Three Results

1.             Steele Von Hoff

2.             Nathan Earle

3.             Nathan Haas

4.             Angus Tobin

5.             Jack Beckinsale

6.             Mitchell Codner

7.             Neil Van Der Ploeg

8.             Evan Hull

9.             Paul Van Der Ploeg

10.          Craig Hutton

Jayco General Classification after Stage Three

1.             Steele Von Hoff

2.             Nathan Earle

3.             Angus Tobin

4.             Mitchell Codner

5.             Nathan Haas

6.             Neil Van Der Ploeg

7.             Jack Beckinsale

8.             Paul Van Der Ploeg

9.             Shaun Lewis

10.          Ryan Standish

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