Rapha Movie Competition Winner

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I have to apologise for for the delay in announcing the winner to the Rapha Movie Competition. There were some details that needed to be ironed out that took much longer than expected before we could pick a winner (i.e. budget, timing, availability, etc).

With all things considered, we have decided that the next place to create a film is in the Victorian Alps. Many people suggested this location which we drew randomly from. What we feel is most fitting about the Victorian Alps is the stunning terrain and the are itself will resonate with a very large number of people. And to those who aren’t familiar with these magnificent roads, well, you’re in for a treat. Exact details of the route are still being finalised, but a route similar to the 3 Peaks Challenge or Audax Alpine Classic is what we’re leaning towards.

The winner is…..BLYBO! Blybo, if you could please get in contact with me at cyclingtips [at] gmail [dot] com to collect your prize.

Blybo in the winner of a full set of summer kit from Rapha and has the option of joining us in this epic ride that will be produced into an inspiring short film.

I want to thank everyone from taking part in the competion. We had many excellent suggestions for our upcoming films and it’s far from being over. We’re just getting started and we hope to make movies of rides all over Australia with your input (and fingers crossed for New Zealand!).

Stay tuned…This will be the location of our next film!