Naked Bike Racing Comes To Melbourne

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Image courtesy @margryan

What a beautiful day it was to nude up and go for a bike ride around Melbourne. There were a number of crits being held on this glorious Sunday but most were oddly low in attendance. Who would have guessed that all the Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club members were saving their energy to go out frolicking around the Northern Suburbs in the 2011 World Naked Bike Race, organised and promoted by fyxomatosis.

Contrary to the perception, this race was no walk in the park. As you can see from the photo, the pack was strung out in the gutter with a Johnny Walker (still wearing his Footon Servetto kit) and Nick Walker (Pegasus Racing) driving the pace allowing no one get off the front.

The bearded recumbent rider (allegedly CCCC prez, Mal Sawford) made a late attack for the finish on the last lap and was brought back on the line. The win was taken by Leigh De Luca (sporting the dreadlocks today) by a “bees dick” (no pun intended) after fighting it out at the line with Naughtyboy (donning the peace symbol) in an exciting  tele-photofinish.

Copious amounts of marijuana was found in De Luca’s system but unforutnately not enough under current UCI regulations. No less that 50 picograms is permitted. He B-sample is currently being retested under De Luca’s request.

The new grading system proposed by Cycling Australia for future events will take into account girth size and length as prerequisite for promotion. This will undoubtedly send some riders back to lower grades, however will be a healthy step forward for the sport of Nude Bike Racing.

You can read more about the 2011 World Naked Bike Ride here and here, and see a photo gallery here (don’t pretend it’s not what you’ve been looking for). In all seriousness, these crazy cats are getting some positive media exposure to raise awareness about the dangers of cycling. Good on them. The message on one rider’s back read: “Now you can bloody see us.”  Now that’s what I call panache!

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