TRIGON RCC613 Bike Review

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Most of you won’t have heard of TRIGON Exotic Material Technology. Just like most weekend photographers won’t have heard of Hasselblad, TRIGON has been a leading bike manufacturer way ahead of it’s time that only true aficionados will have an apprciation for.

Just like Cipollini, Pantani and Indurain used a rebadged Pegoretti frames, Lance sometimes used HED wheels with Bontrager stickers, it’s been long known by insiders that many of the top PROS have exemptions in their contracts to use TRIGON exotic materials underneath their official sponsor’s paintjobs.

While many bike manufactuers outsource their frame manufacturing to factories in Far East and do everything they can within their marketing budget to hide this fact, TRIGON embrases their many years of Taiwanese heritage. TRIGON doesn’t only make it’s own frameset. TRIGON is a turnkey solution for the complete package. Handlebars, fork, bottle cages, wheels, seatpost. You name it, TRIGON makes it.

Taiwanese framebuilder Zhang Si-Phu has been handcrafting TRIGON frames for decades. Dario Pegoretti is even rumoured to have outsourced some of his more demanding and precise work to Si-Phu.

TRIGON’s value proposition:

The company aims to provide value to the customers by being efficient,responsive and innovative. High modulus and high strength prepeg raw material, cured at high temperatures using TRIGON proprietary forming technigues, producing a composite with unsurpassed fatigue resistance and vibration damping. The engineering and product design departments always work to develop cutting edge products that meet the customers’ highest demands. With decades of experiences in the bike industry, the company has built an enviable reputation for its quality performance, unrivalled techniques and impressive designs. The solid reputation is attributed to relentless pursuit of innovation and perfection into the products of Bike Parts. Not only does the company practice strict standards into the manufacturing process, but also construct complete network offering supports on after-sale issues.

Thanks to my discerning eye I was able to capture one of these rare TRIGONs in the wild last week at one of the local races. While everyone else was still talking about the Gossy’s Specialized McLaren Venge and mulling over someone’s BMC Impec, I slipped away from the action carefully documenting and taking photos of this scarce TRIGON RCC613. While TRIGON clearly doesn’t have the need to use marketing buzzwords, this concept bike has raised the bar in decaling technology.

The TRIGON RCC613 Frameset:

FULL CARBON: No part of this frame has been left uncarbonated. Also note the the “aerodee seat tube profile for improved aerodynamics and styling”

In case you missed it on the downtube, seat tube, and chainstays, the only material that TRIGON produces are exotic. Also refer to fork if this is unclear.

“Obllix Profile Tubing” and “Venus C7” design are what gives TRIGON its unique carbon composite properties – “performance riding extremely effective absorption of vibrations by Trigon’s unique carbon composite properties”

You’ve all heard of BB30 and BB90 integrated bottom bracket standards, but MONO BOX is a proprietary technology that takes bottom brackets to a new level. Boxy instead of beefy, laterally stiff but vertically compliant, and above all the’ve been able to reduce the number of bottom brackets to only one (thus “mono”).

The Curve Blade fork only comes on the TRIGON EX model.

“hipact” (high pressure solid compaction) is usually reserved for fighter plane and Formula 1 construction, but if you’ve got the money, go for this option. You won’t regret it.

The TRIGON Dual Groove handlebars, stem, and integrated headset. All exceptionally lightweight, beefy and laterally stiff for increased power transfer.

As they say in the bike industry, “what wins on Sunday sells on Monday”. Don’t be surprised to find out that Cancellara’s specially made Flanders bike is in fact made with TRIGON Exotic Materials. If you want one, it’s in your best interest to rush to your nearest KMart, WallMart or Costco to pick one up before they sell out.

Have a great weekend, enjoy your riding, and don’t forget to set your clocks back and stay up late to watch la Ronde van Vlaanderen!

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