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That wasn’t so bad, was it? There are still lots of wrinkles to iron out and legacy content to deal with, but I’ll slowly work on that throughout the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience with this major overhaul.

Reasons for the new website

There were lots of issues I’ve began to struggle with while using the previous format. It was basically a chronological view of all blog posts. It had been kludged together over a couple years and there was no real thought or design behind it. It was a mess. That format served us very well for it’s purpose, but with more content being posted I felt a need for different sections displayed on the front page. However, it’s still a blog, there will continue to be heaps of spelling and grammar errors, and nothing is really changing.

As I begin to understand more about web design and the media industry, I’m starting to see why some commercial cycling websites make certain compromises to generate revenue (for example, page refreshes when you want to view a photo). However, these things come at the expense of the reader experience and this one thing that I was extremely careful not to mess with.

Product Reviews

When I began this blog I did not see the value in writing product reviews. However, sometimes I enjoy sharing my experience with a particular gadget, component, clothing, etc as well as getting your feedback. In fact, your comments are what makes the review so valuable (and they keep me honest).

I’ve also found that I get a large amount of google search traffic from people looking for opinion and information on particular products. To me, this must mean that people want to read these reviews. I know that when I’m looking to buy something, the first place I go to are blogs and forums. If you have a product that you want to review, I’d be more than happy to post it.

Race Results

This is one thing I’m excited to get momentum behind. Everyone wants to know results and there is no central repository for Australia wide race results. This helps promote club events, lets everyone see results in one place, and potentially helps make the handicappers jobs easier.

I’ve received the support from many clubs and event promoters to submit their results in a timely fashion after their race. I’d greatly appreciate everyones help in encouraging your club to help with this endeavor. All that’s required is clicking on “submit race results” at the top of the section and filling out the form. Results will be posted a few minutes later after I moderate what’s coming in.

I hope you enjoy the new format. I still get a buzz out of writing this blog every day and I still love receiving all your emails and comments. If you have any suggestions on how to make things better or if you spot a bug, feel free to email me at


I’ve been getting squillions of emails asking about when more kit will be in stock. I apologise for not getting back to many of you, but rest assured it will be soon. I have a slightly modified design ready to go that I’m stoked about. I’m just deciding on a manufacturer. If you ever need a kit designed, simplesime is the man to talk to. I can’t rate him highly enough.

Last but not least, I want to give my gratitude to all the advertisers who have sponsored CyclingTips over the past couple of years. If you’re wondering where all the money goes, you’re looking at it. This redesign wasn’t cheap and took countless hours of planning and hard work. I hope you like it.

Have a great weekend and ride safe!