Our Beautiful Sport

by CyclingTips

It’s been a dramatic month in cycling. So much bad news has overshadowed all the things I love about the sport. Wouter Weyland, more Armstrong and UCI allegations, and now Xavier Tondo. If you look at the front page of cyclingnews today, a large majority of it is doom and gloom.

All of this will never take away from the fact that cycling is the most beautiful sport in the world. No other competition transforms small towns, back roads, and mountain tops into stadiums, so naturally connects with it’s fans, and brings out so much emotion.

I’ve been surrounded by sport my whole life and have never been so passionate and engaged with something until cycling. It’s not just a sport to me. It’s a way of life. There’s not an hour that goes by where I don’t think about it.

I was looking through some photos last night and it made me think about all of the beauty that cycling brings along with it. It’s the most spectacular show on Earth. I started going through all my photos, but there were too many to choose from. Here’s a small glimpse of what makes cycling so spectacular from the past two weeks.

Photos by Veeral Patel, Sirotti, and RCS