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I receive many interesting things in my inbox and sadly I can’t post everything. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I received this email from filmmaker Gianmarco Dodesini Valsecchi from Italy:

my name is Gianmarco Dodesini Valsecchi from Italy, i am a film maker and we work for some Cycling companies. Our name is 341Production and i am starting to make some contact with the bigger bloggers of cycling. I think you might be interested of our work. I’ll send you the link of our latest work for Vittoria.

I really hope that you enjoy it.

best regardes

I then did some looking around at Gianmarco’s other work and found another one of his films from the 2011 Strade Bianche called “Servizio Corse Strade Bianche”:

I love this type of stuff. It’s always great to see high quality behind-the-scenes footage coming in. I don’t mind that it was commissioned by Vittoria and that it’s basically an advertisement. Pro cycling is a massive advertising platform anyway, and I personally find it much more interesting coming through like this. They definitely hit the mark and caught my attention. In fact, the stuff Vittoria has been coming out with this year has been fantastic. Take this “how tubulars are made” video as another example:

Keep up the good work guys. Keep creating content like this and you’ll never have to pay for online advertising again.

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