La Dent du Midi

by CyclingTips

I’ve decided to extend my stay here in Champéry for a few more days than expected. I’ve fallen in love with this quiet little village in the Swiss Alps and I’m taking the opportunity to enjoy the people I’m here with, the mountain biking, the quiet roads, the spectacular food, and planting my feet in one place before three weeks of chasing the Tour around France.

The BMC TrailFox is in pretty rough shape after the Pass’Porte du Soleil but it’s hanging in there. We took all day to complete a relatively short but challenging route over la Dent du Midi – the ominous mountain overlooking Champéry. A nice social pace with 1000m of climbing, a small hut at the top that served a full menu of wonderful Swiss food, and some of the best singletrack imaginable. No intervals, no rolling turns, no smashing each other. The way a cycling holiday outta be. These photos will do a better job at describing it than I ever could.

Tomorrow I’ll be back on the road bike and hopefully pop by the road to the UCI headquarters down the road in Aigle. Fire on over any messages you want me to pass onto Pat McQuaid.

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