The Peloton is a five-year labour of love by Berlin-based photographer Timm Kölln. Timm attended every major race on the European calendar to photograph the majority of the professional peloton, capturing their images just moments after they had crossed the line. The result is the most insightful and raw portraits I’ve ever seen in cycling.

This opening date for the exhibition coincides with the grand opening of my mate Graeme’s new space in South Yarra called Endless Gallery and Boutique. The gallery is devoted to the promotion of cycling art and design exhibitions. Graeme is adamant that a city full of cycling enthusiasts such as Melbourne has been starved a place like this for too long.

This is Kölln’s first ever exhibition in Australia and a limited number of signed and framed prints will be available for purchase. You can also buy the book here.

Address: Endless Cycling Gallery and Boutique – 6a Wilson Street South Yarra, Victoria
Date: Opening on June 16th
website: Endless Pedal