20 August Casey Fields Criterium

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100 riders enjoyed the perfect conditions at Casey Fields last Saturday afternoon. It was a big day with Blackburn CC running a separate women’s criterium & junior/novice at the start, followed by graded criteriums.

Criteriums at Casey Fields, Cranbourne.
Saturday 20th August 2011

Womens Grade11 riders (11 riders)
1st Chloe Baggs BBN
2nd Hannah Bush FTY
3rd Jodie Batchelor SKCC
4th Emma Lyall CCCC
5th Grace Phoung SKCC

A Grade – 1hr 10mins + 2 laps (8 riders)
1st Michael Hale CCCC
2nd Malcolm Sawford CCCC
3rd Connor Daley

Intermediate Sprint
1st Justin Davis SVCC
2nd Callan Douglas CCCC

B Grade – 1hr + 2 laps (20 riders)
1st Wade Edwards CCCC
2nd Marc Wilson BBN
3rd Kevin Murphy HAW
4th James Dunn SKCC

C Grade – 50min + 2 laps (25 Riders)
1st Michael Holder MelbUni
2nd Tom Christie SKCC
3rd Nick Anagnostakos CCCC
4th David Randall CCCC

D Grade – 40mins + 2 laps (21 riders)
1st Ned Efe CCCC
2nd Tim Rowe DirtRiders
3rd Grace Phoung SKCC
4th William Truong BBN

E Grade (Juniors & Novices) – 25mins + 2 laps (9 riders)
1st George O’Donovan
2nd Connor Rose
3rd Adam Blazevic BBN

F Grade (Juniors & Novices) – 20 mins + 2 laps (6 riders)
1st Michael McRitchie
2nd Jacob Rancie
3rd Travis Muir BBN

Thankyou to all volunteers, riders, friends and family supporters for a great day’s racing, in wonderful conditions.

Upcoming Racing @ Casey Fields:
Sunday 4th Sept Host: CCCC Start-time: 1.30pm
Saturday 17th Sept Host: BBN CC Start-time: 1.15pm (Womens Grades)
Refer to Club websites for details.

Any discrepancies regarding results, please contact the Race Committee:

Web: bbn.org.au

Twitter: bbnCC_Racing

Facebook: Blackburn Cycling Club