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I know CyclingTips has gotten away from it’s main theme, but every now and again I still enjoy writing about tips to improve your cycling or racing. The ‘tips’ are usually directly proportional to how much I’m riding myself. It’s hard to sit in an office and dream this stuff up. It only comes out during conversations on the road, or in this case, Twitter.

A few weeks ago I was following a conversation on Twitter by some well known bloggers (Bill Strickland, Pavé, and Red Kite Prayer) that I thought was a pretty good topic for people to expand on: “Advice That Only Works If You’re Already Good Enough to Win”

From what could see the conversation stalled pretty quickly, but there’s lots of other great things that can be added to this list. (for the record, I don’t necessarily agree with everything in their list, but it’s a good start)

@TrueBS @RedKitePrayer Right. We should cowrite a piece on “Advice That Only Works If You’re Already Good Enough to Win” I’ll start: 1. Move up.

@PaveBlog @TrueBS @redkiteprayer 2. Attack heading into the corner.

@TrueBS @PaveBlog @redkiteprayer 3. Just stay at the front. 4. Stay on my wheel, then come around w 50 meters to go.

@PaveBlog @TrueBS @redkiteprayer 5. Just cover the late moves.

@TrueBS @PaveBlog @redkiteprayer 6. Don’t attack when you feel strong. When everyone’s tired, including you, that’s the moment to go.

@TrueBS @PaveBlog Just now seeing all this. 7. Don’t be afraid to put your nose in the wind.


My list:

Bike Racing Tips That Only Work If You’re Already Good Enough to Win

@cyclingTips: 8. More often than not, the sprint is not in the last 200m to the finish line, it’s to the final corner before the finish line.

@cyclingtips: 9. Save the legs for the last 1/4 of a race. That’s when all the real moves will surface. Anything before that point is just a gamble.

@cyclingtips: 10. Drop the wheel

@cyclingtips: 11. Attack on the lull when everybody else (including yourself) is too tired to attack. (more attacking tips can be found here and here)

@cyclingtips: 12. In the crosswinds, do whatever you possibly can to be in that front echelon – even if it’s early on. Get caught in the gutter and you’re race is over.

@cyclingtips: 13. If you’re suffering late in the race and thinking of dropping back, remember that everybody else is too. At this point it’s a mind game. Never, under any circumstances, let the others know you’re suffering.

@cyclingtips: 14. If you sense someone suffering, use them for as long as you can and then hit them just after they’ve pulled a turn.

@cyclingtips: 15. Always attack as late as you possibly can, but before the others do. –Tim Krabbé, The Rider

@cyclingtips: 16. Never go too deep into the red on a long climb. You’ll never come out of it.

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