Thrones Saddles and Hell Ride Radler

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A few months back a fellow by the name of Troy McKinna contacted me to show me some of the new saddles he was making. I had seen some of his saddles on a few bikes in the bunch rides so I wanted to check them out and hear more about them.

Troy asked if I wanted to try one of these unique saddles he calls “Thrones” and I happily agreed. As with most cyclists, I’m quite particular about the saddle I use and didn’t want to jump into the deep end with it so I put it on my cyclocross bike.

Troy is just getting started with a healthy range of designs however he only has one size of “Throne” (130mm). This is too small for my barge-sized behind, but it certainly isn’t uncomfortable for shorter rides. The way I see it, Thrones are to give your bike some flare and make it look unique. They won’t necessarily be anatomically correct for everyone.

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Fyxomatosis has his own saddle? He really has made it to the BIG TIME!

Troy McKinna, owner of Thrones Saddles, is a local Melbournian having a crack with some unique saddle designs. He's also a gun rider on the cross bike!
The Throne of my choice? Hell Ride Lager on my "6 Pack to Go" cyclocross bike
Speaking of beer, Troy also brews St Kilda Brew and Hell Ride Radler. Did you know that Radler means "Cyclist" in German? So the story goes, back in the day on a mountain in Bavaria there was a pub that sat at the top of a popular cycling climb. The riders would stop at the pub for a beer or two and constantly drink them dry. Subsequently, the pub owner started watering down the beer with lemonade. The drink we know now as a Radler was born. True story? Who knows...

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