Tour of Friendship Video and Competition

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You might remember back in May I did this race in Thailand called the Tour of Friendship. It’s a little out of date now but I recently received this video made by Dave Christenson taken from the time we were there. Among many other remarkable things, Dave is a filmmaker who shares our passion for cycling.

If you’re a new reader you can go back to my Tour of Friendship updates here, here, here, here and here if you’re interested.

Made by David Christenson. Keep in mind that Dave also raced the Tour of Friendship and hardly had any footage to scrape this together. Unfortunately the best of the race footage and beautiful terrain in Thailand wasn’t captured.

I cannot say enough about how much fun this race was. Quite often bike races are serious, tiring, monotonous and physically and mentally draining. The Tour of Friendship was definitely challenging, but unbelievable interesting, enjoyable and rewarding. There’s a category for everyone’s abilities and it was very affordable (approx. $400 AUD plus airfare), so I strongly encourage anyone interested to have a crack next May.

Looking back at this series of posts and the film I now remember how great racing can be. Despite what I said the other day (I must have needed a coffee), I still have a couple more years left in me! There’s a lot more to life than racing, but if you haven’t tried racing before, there’s a big part of cycling that you’re missing out on.

Enjoy your weekend, ride hard, and most of all, ride safe.

Wait, There’s More!

Not so fast. I just dug up the most coveted prize out of my Tickle Trunk of treasures. A Team Excellent Noodles jersey that I managed to score from the Tour of Friendship. Team Excellent Noodles is a powerhouse cycling team from the Philippines and was a major sponsor of the race. These guys absolutely love their racing and had some gun climbers who regularly tore my legs off once we hit the hills.

This jersey means everything to me, but I’m willing to give it away to someone who can tell me the time in the movie that Dave Christenson (the filmmaker) appears. There are a couple different answers and I’ll accept either. I’ll draw randomly from the correct answers in the comments.

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