Wangaratta CC 15 Mile Creek Handicap

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Race Results:

Racing went off well today. We had 24 starters on a nice sunny, although windy, Saturday afternoon in Wangaratta.

Limit was off 20min, next group @ 15min, 10min block@3min and scratch.

Shortly after the start Mick Cathie from the limit group flatted and pulled out. At the top of Shanley St Chris Howard dropped out of the block group and finished the race with the scratchies.

By the turn at Glenrowan all groups were closing slightly and together (except for the above dropouts), but block had closed the gap and were 3 minutes behind the group in front of them and scratch were still 3 minutes back.

On return from 15 mile creek 1st to the corner were the 15 min group, without Jodi Uphill but with Thomas McDonald. Closely followed by block and 10 min group, who had formed a large group of about 8, some 3 minutes behind the leaders.

At the finish it was 15min group in 1st place Doug Rose, 2nd Trevor Britten, 3rd Thomas McDonald, 4th Gavin McMahon, 5th from block Stephen Fraser 19 sec behind, closely followed by Brad Rose, Tomarsh Loki & Jake Morgan all from the block group.

Winning time was 1:23:33 (total time 1:28:33) fastest time was Stephen Fraser from block in 1:11:52(also credited to Brad Rose, Tomarsh Loki & Jake Morgan). Fastest scratch time was Cal Britten 3 sec slower @ 1:11:55 (also credited to James Boal).

Club Messages:
Next race is 3rd September ITT along Boweya Rd, starts 2pm Gelnrown side of Boweya Rd.

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