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I’m not a hardcore environmentalist but I do what I can to reduce my impact on the planet. The one thing in particular that I am passionate about is getting more people on bikes as a means for transportation (and recreation of course). I saw how well the Velib worked in Paris and the Barclays Cycle Hire in London and would love nothing more than to see these schemes work in Australia. Why people would even consider driving in the CBD of our cities if they had another choice is beyond me.

Michael Rubbo sent me this film originally seen on www.e2-series.com. There are a lot of good short documentaries on there about sustainable living and progressive thinking that I encourage you to watch.

As Michael said to me when he sent this video:

Your realize from this film how much we are missing out. Both in terms of utility bikes, but also missing out on sophisticated policy thinking for the future. We can only be left further and further behind as long as the Govt. and Bike Vic remain so opposed to open minded reason.

The film is a must see for our transport planners here because it shows the status that the bike now has in this big modern city, Paris, and the deep thought that has gone into according it that status.

We’re all fortunate that there are individuals like Michael putting his heart and soul into campaigning for the things that need to happen in order to make bicycles a way of life in Australia (better infrastructure, laws, cultural changes, government policy, etc). He’s into a completely different type of cycling than most of us reading, but what he does benefits everyone who rides a bike.

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