2011 GCC Road Race Championships

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by Geelong Cycling Club

Tom Paton has backed up his efforts in the Time Trial last week to win the GCC Road Race Championships on Saturday. Combining strongly with Nick Squillari, Tom broke away in the later part of the race before riding away to take victory by himself. Nick finished 35 seconds back, with Rudy Schmidt taking third a 3rd place a further 3 minutes in a rears.

Jarod Evans dominated B grade and finished more than 12 minutes clear of his nearest rival Greg Hosking and third place Daniel Alban. Riders in C grade had a tough day with only three riders finishing. Ben Culton capitalised on his good form to win ahead of Stefan Bos and Colin Smith. In other results Anthony Garnier took the Masters prize, whilst Jessica Douglas put in a solid performance to take the women’s category ahead of Lyndal Dew and Jamie Leigh Edwards. Rylan Bird also took to the course to ride a lap (27km) in trying conditions to record a solid time of 1.29.16.

How it Happened…

All entrants in the 2011 GCC Road Race Championships rolled off together in warm, sunny but windy conditions at 10.30am. Approximately 10km of neutral zone started proceedings before riders turned right onto the first of 5 laps and 100km of racing. Tom Paton took the initiative early, lining the peleton out along the back straight into the strong 25 knot plus cross winds. Turning into the second lap, the bunch had dwinded down to 20 riders. Some of the big hitters including Nick Squillari, Chad Anderson, Tom Paton and Jarod Evans took the initiative on lap 2 to work together and wittle the field down to few than 10 riders.

With only A graders left in the front group, the bunch was happy to take a bit of a breather on the third lap until the last climb back up to the turn off and the start of the 4th lap. Tom Patron again applied pressure, forcing the pace until only himself, Nick Squillari, Chad Anderson, Leigh Clifford, Anthony Garnier and Jarod Evans were left. Nick Squillari then took the bunch by surprise choosing to attack into the strong headwind before the back straight. Tom Patron then counter attacked to join Nick and the duo formed a powerful alliance. Behind them the remaining riders tried to marshal themselves, but attacks from Jarod, Chad and Leigh quickly lead to a lack of cohersion, whilst the gap built to Nick and Tom up the road.

By the time time the chasers managed to organise themselves, Nick and Tom had built a sizeable gap of 60 seconds. On the final lap, Chad Anderson tried his luck again with a strong attack that succeeded in dropping Leigh from the chase group. Anthony Garnier then suffered a puncture 5km later. By this time the lead duo were out of sight with only Jaord, Chad and Rudy Schmidt left to chase.

In the final run to the line, Tom’s consistent training paid dividends as he managed to drop Nick on the final climb. Tom dug deep to solo to victory for the second time in two years to finish 35 seconds clear of Nick. Rudy Schmidt lead the chasers home to take 3rd place. Jarod’s 5th place was more than enough to claim B grade. Behind them Anthony Garnier managed to repair his puncture to take out the Masters category, whilst Jess Douglas hung tough with the remaining B graders to easily take the women’s category. Only three C graders were able to finish in the tough conditions with Ben Culton digging deep to take the C grade prize.

A Grade

Result Rider Time Time @
1 Tom PATON 2:42:10
2 Nick SQUILLARI 2:42:45 0:00:35
3 Rudolf SCHMIDT 2:45:08 0:02:58
4 Chad ANDERSON 2:45:10 0:03:00
5 Leigh CLIFFORD 2:49:19 0:07:09
6 Anthony GARNIER 2:54:15 0:12:05
7 Gregory STEWART 2:56:10 0:14:00
8 Jamie HUGGEN 3:02:30 0:20:20

B Grade

Result Rider Time Time @
1 Jarrod EVANS 2:45:12
2 Greg HOSKING 2:58:00 0:12:48
3 Daniel ALBAN 2:58:00 0:12:48
4 Tony ROSS 2:58:00 0:12:48
5 Adrian LITTLE 2:58:00 0:12:48
6 Erik HOLT 3:04:22 0:19:10
7 Daniel LAMB 3:04:30 0:19:18
8 Brad MANCZAK 3:09:30 0:24:18
9 Stephan VAN DER BRUGGEN 3:09:40 0:24:28
DNF Patrick WOOD

C Grade

Result Rider Time Time @
1 Benjamin CULTON 3:04:25
2 Stefan BOS 3:09:08 0:04:43
3 Colin SMITH 3:12:25 0:08:00


1 Anthony GARNIER 2:54:15


Result Rider Time Time @
1 Jessica DOUGLAS 2:58:00 0:00:00
2 Lyndal DEW 3:09:40 0:11:40
3 Jamie Leigh EDWARDS 3:21:00 0:23:00
DNF kirsten Norten


Result Rider Time Time @
1 Rylan BIRD 1:29:16

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