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If you’re a sucker for cycling nostalgia you’ll love this 18 minute time capsule film of the 1962 Tour de France. It touches on interesting things such as how the riders were fed, how they dealt with injuries and of course doping. It’s far from being new, but I thought I’d share. You don’t need to speak French to know what’s going on.

Louis Malle shot most of the documentary as a 30 year old cycling fan and filmmaker with only 2 feature films to his name. The footage was likely shot in 16 mm.

Thank you to Daniel Strauss for sending in.

1962 Tour de France General Classification

1 Jacques Anquetil (FRA) ACCB-Saint Raphaël 114h 31′ 54″
2 Jozef Planckaert (BEL) Flandria-Faema +4′ 59″
3 Raymond Poulidor (FRA) Mercier +10′ 24″
4 Gilbert Desmet (BEL) Carpano +13′ 01″
5 Albertus Geldermans (NED) ACCB-Saint Raphaël +14′ 04″
6 Tom Simpson (GBR) VC XII +17′ 09″
7 Imerio Massignan (ITA) Legnano +17′ 50″
8 Ercole Baldini (ITA) Ignis +19′ 00″
9 Charly Gaul (LUX) G.S. Gazzola +19′ 11″
10 Eddy Pauwels (BEL) Wiels +23′ 04″

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