Vuelta Tipping Competition Recap

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Well we tried to spice up the Vuelta and make it a little more interesting with a good ol’ fashioned tipping competition. There’s no doubt that these TKM guys have nailed down this competition with a winning format and it made the race much more exciting to follow. But damn it, I couldn’t tip a stage winner even with the help of insider tipping. At least I win something for coming in dead last. Here’s the Vuelta recap with Woody doing his best Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin impression (it’s actually quite funny if you read it using the appropriate accents).

“Welcome to this final rundown of the Vuelta and the tipping competition; and well Paul, what a Vuelta! Goodness me!”

“Yes Phil, at the start of this Vuelta we were all thinking it was going to be a mano o mano battle between Nibali and Wiggins but a man by the name of Juan Jose Cobo Acebo said “No you don’t, I’m Juan Jose Cobo Acebo and I reckon I can win the Vuelta de Espana!”. The cheek of the man Phil!”

“Indeed Paul. Really it was like a fox got into the henhouse and he has run off in the dead of night with this victory.”

“Yes Phil. Well it wasn’t an easy win but the course really suited the climbers. Cobo stretched the elastic many a times and danced on the pedals so that Wiggins was in a spot of bother more than once.”

“Well Paul, at the end of the day, when its all said and done, Cobo was just the best bike rider of the race and hats off to him I say!”

“Phil, I think we also need to recognise how exciting this Vuelta actually was. I remember doing this race in the early 80’s and we were lucky to find paved roads. I tell you I had the mask of pain on many a day.”

“Well Paul, I remember that time we went to Pedro Delgado’s Hacienda de Burro north of Madrid and you tried to ride that donkey. Once he objected you suffered like you have never suffered before.”

“Haha, yes Phil, that caught me completely and utterly by surprise and my goodness me it took a few months for the scars to fade.”

“Indeed Paul. Though I still remember that time we stayed with Banesto during their training camp in Mallorca. My goodness me I still remember the feeling when I found out I drew Miguel Indurain in the piggyback race.”

“Well yes Phil, you were in a spot of bother early on and it didn’t take long for Big Mig to tighten the screws and then you were waving the white flag and dropping like a stone. In the sport of professional bike racing thats called being in a picture of complete and utter agony “.

“Ah yes Paul, I was suffering like an animal that day. I reached into the suitcase of courage and only found a manpurse of humility. They never did find out who put chilli oil in his massage cream by the way…”

“Well back to the race Phil. And while Cobo was amazing, but what about Froome?! He has put the cat firmly amongst the pigeons!”

“Well Paul, is this a new grand tour contender we are seeing? Is he pounding his fist on the GC table?”

“At the end of the day Phil the man has had an absolute scorcher and is one tough bi’rider. He collected tickets like a Bombay express conductor.”

“Indeed Paul. Well we really need to move on the final GC in the tipping contest.”

“Well Phil, AJS has had an amazing Vuelta and has ridden into Madrid resplendent in his Red jersey, which he has held for some time now. While the others were shadow boxing he rode like a trojan and dug deep… and at the end of the day he’s had the ride of his life.”

Yes Paul, in the end he had 1:13 to spare over Freddo who was valiant in defeat. The man suffered like he had never suffered before and in the sport of professional cycling that gets you second.”

“And in third we had AJ, who is now riding the undulating parcours of the Tour of Timor. I think they grow bananas in Timor Phil. I have a few plantations back in Uganda. Cadel loves them.”

“Amazing Paul! Who would have thought??”

“Yes, indeed Phil.”

“Onto the sprint and again AJS has taken the chocolates! This man has completely and utterly dominated this Vuelta! Hats off to the man!”

“Well there was one competition that he couldnt manage to win and that was the King of the Mountain where Woody has managed to hold off a fast finishing Velodrama. There was some argee bargee and it got a bit narsty at the pointy end but in the end Woody lit the blue touch paper one too many times for Velodrama.”

“Well Paul, that just about wraps it up. What a Vuelta, im hot and bothered just thinking about it. Thanks to everyone who entered and we will be in touch about final payouts in the coming week.”

“Indeed Phil, in the sport of professional cycling i have had a completely and utterly amazing time this Vuelta! See you all at the Tour Down Under! Hoo Roo!”

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