2011 Shipwreck Coast Classic – Men

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West Australian Anthony Giacoppo was rewarded for outstanding team loyalty with an emphatic victory in the Independent Cranes Shipwreck Coast Classic today.

Giacoppo, 25, a member of the mighty Genesys Wealth Advisers team, defeated Queenslander Peter Herzig in a punishing two-man sprint finish, with Ballarat’s Patrick Shaw a controversial third.

The mild-mannered Giacoppo has operated this year mainly as a faithful and capable work-horse for his high-profile team-mates Nathan Haas, Steele Von Hoff, Shaw, and yesterday’s Melbourne to Warrnambool winner Joel Pearson.

His best performances were third overall in the Eastern Oak Tour of Geelong in July and second placing in the final stage of the Herald Sun Tour earlier this month.

“It’s good to top off the year with a win like this,” Giacoppo said. “It’s been a great season for Genesys.

“Sometimes I felt I could have done better in the races where I was working for Nathan or Steele, but you’ve got to look at the big picture.”

Victorian Nicholas Mitchell was third over the line but chief commissaire Neville Williams elevated fourth placegetter Shaw into the minor placing after ruling that Mitchell caused interference over the last 50 metres.

The 117km Shipwreck Coast Classic started in Warrnambool and took in a route down the Great Ocean Road to Port Campbell before swinging back inland and finishing at Allansford.

It was the final event on Cycling Australia’s 2011 national road series, of which the individual title was won by Haas and the teams section by Genesys.

Werribee’s Kendelle Hodges won the women’s Shipwreck Coast Classic from South Australian Sinead Noonan, with Tasmanian Grace Sulzberger third.

The trio put up an excellent display in breaking away early and maintaining a four-minute advantage throughout.

Sulzberger, sister of Wesley and Bernard, won the national women’s road series.

Race Results

1 Anthony GIACOPPO (Genesys Wealth Advisers) 2h48:33
2 Peter HERZIG (Team Budget Forklifts) 0
3 Patrick SHAW (Genesys Wealth Advisers) 15
4 Nicholas MITCHELL (Callaghan Motors) 15
5 Nathan EARLE (Genesys Wealth Advisers) 41
6 Andrew MARTIN (Plan B Racing) 41
7 Michael CUPITT (Team Budget Forklifts) 41
8 Steele VON HOFF (Genesys Wealth Advisers) +1:43
9 Brenton JONES (Hotel Warrnambool) +1:43
10 Ryan MACANALLY (Team Budget Forklifts) +1:43
11 Luke PADGETT (Hotel Warrnambool) +1:43
12 Joel PEARSON (Genesys Wealth Advisers) +1:43
13 Rene KOLBACH (John West Cycling) +1:43
14 Joel STEARNES (Hotel Warrnambool) +1:43
15 Phillip MUNDY (Sasi/Team O’Grady) +1:43
16 Jason SPENCER (Team Budget Forklifts) +1:43
17 Lachlan STEWART (Callaghan Motors) +1:43
18 Mitchell FLYNN (Suzuki/Trek) +1:43
19 Darcy WOOLLEY (Hotel Warrnambool) +1:43
20 Kyle MARWOOD (Genesys Wealth Advisers) +1:43
21 Anthony GARNIER (Hotel Warrnambool) +1:43
22 Brian MCLEOD (Team Budget Forklifts) +1:43
23 Michael SMITH (Callaghan Motors) +1:43
24 Jeremy MCINNES (Warrnambool Football Club) +1:43
25 Clement BOYDELL (Whalers Inn) +1:43
26 Bradeley HALL (Plan B Racing) +1:43
27 Mitchell LOVELOCK-FAY (Hotel Warrnambool) +1:43
28 Rowan DEVER (John West Cycling) +1:43
29 Philip JERMYN (Suzuki/Trek) +1:43
30 Brendan JOHNSTON (Suzuki/Trek) +1:43
31 Karl EVANS (Callaghan Motors) +1:43
32 Jason RIGG (Genesys Wealth Advisers) +1:48
33 Chris BEECK (Plan B Racing) +1:51
34 Oliver KENT-SPARK (John West Cycling) +1:53
35 Lewis GARLAND (Bicycle Superstore) +6:00
36 Matthew LANE (Will Ferris Auto) +6:00
37 Ashley HAWKER (Ozplan Financial Services) +6:02
38 Munro BOYDELL (Whalers Inn) +6:02
39 Tom DONALD (Callaghan Motors) +14:14
40 James BUTLER (John West Cycling) +14:14
41 Darryl PATZEL (Will Ferris Auto) +14:44
42 Stefan KIRSCH (Ozplan Financial Services) +14:44
43 Andrew CLARK (Bicycle Superstore) +17:53
44 Stefan IMBERGER (Warrnambool Football Club) +17:53
45 Tim KOOPMAN (Will Ferris Auto) +17:53
46 Daniel HERREWYN (Will Ferris Auto) +17:57
47 Michael VERHEYEN (Plan B Racing) +17:57
48 Karl MICHELIN-BEARD (Whalers Inn) +17:57
49 Wesley CORDINGLEY (Warrnambool Football Club) +17:57
50 Ivan MICHELIN-BEARD (Suzuki/Trek) +20:47
51 William LIND (Suzuki/Trek) +20:47
52 Steve DUGGAN (Middy’s Warrnambool) +23:48
53 Jake MORGAN (Warrnambool Football Club) +23:48
54 Adrian D’ALFONSO (Middy’s Warrnambool) +23:48
55 Andrew MCGRATH (Will Ferris Auto) +23:48
56 Thomas MCDONOUGH (Mini Golf By The Sea) +23:48
57 Pete KNIGHT (Ozplan Financial Services) +23:48
58 Mark WHITE (Warrnambool Football Club) +23:48
59 Adrian CHEW (Will Ferris Auto) +23:48
60 Timothy VAN DER SCHANS (Mini Golf By The Sea) +23:53
61 Paul NOLTE (Mini Golf By The Sea) +24:36
62 Michael BROWN (Ozplan Financial Services) +27:37
63 Christopher JEHU (Bicycle Superstore) +31:27
64 Dave HOGAN (Mini Golf By The Sea) +50:35
65 Joshua LIND (Suzuki/Trek) +54:42
66 Gene MILLS (Mini Golf By The Sea) +54:44
dnf Nathan HAAS (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
dnf Samuel DAVIS (Plan B Racing)
dnf Callum FAGG (Whalers Inn)
dnf Zac SHAW (Warrnambool Football Club)
dnf Blake HOCKING (Ozplan Financial Services)
dnf Stuart MCMANUS (Ozplan Financial Services)
dnf Simon WALSH (Will Ferris Auto)
dnf Benjamin CULTON (Mini Golf By The Sea)
dnf Cameron TAMPION (Middy’s Warrnambool)
dnf Luke DAVISON (Team Budget Forklifts)
dnf Chris SAVAGE (Team Budget Forklifts)
dnf Dylan LINDSEY (Middy’s Warrnambool)
dns Steven PILSON (John West Cycling)
dns Harry CARPENTER (Sasi/Team O’Grady)
dns Fraser NORTHEY (Sasi/Team O’Grady)
dns Daniel CHALHOUB (Callaghan Motors)
dns Jake KLAJNBLAT (Whalers Inn)
dns Mark HENRIKSEN (Bicycle Superstore)
dns Peter HOWARD (Bicycle Superstore)
dns Lachlan NOLTE (Bicycle Superstore)
dns Richie RANKIN (Warrnambool Football Club)
dns Tony MCGANN (Middy’s Warrnambool)
dns William WATSON (Middy’s Warrnambool)
dns Chris JONGEWAARD (Team Budget Forklifts)

Average speed of the winner: 41.54 km/h
Number of starters: 78
Riders abandoning the race: 12

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