CCCC Glenvale Criterium 16 Oct 2011

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By Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club

A quieter day than usual was on the cards for Glenvale Crescent crits this morning, with many of the regular junior riders having qualified for the finals of the Victorian Schools Cycling Championships which were held in conjuction with the final stage of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour; the women were also in Lygon Street for the final stage of the Honda Hybrid Women?s Tour; and the challenge of the Bicycle Victoria Around the Bay in a Day also always attracts plenty.

For a while it looked like the weather gods were going to duplicate the mid-morning rain that washed out the A and C Grade races a week earlier, when a heavy five minute shower drenched the course soon after the early session had concluded. This time, the brevity of the rain and the strong winds blowing allowed racing to continue after a short delay to allow the circuit to begin to dry, although both racces were shortened slightly as a result.

The initially damp roads dictated a cautious start to the A Grade race, but as riders? confidence grew early pressure saw Drapac-Porsche?s Amir Rusli and Adiq Othman go clear with Nick Mitchell (Fetha). The trio spent a number of laps ahead of the bunch, before being joined by a chase group led by Alex Morgan (Jayco VIS), a member of the world champion Australian junior team?s pursuit team last month in Moscow. Also making the selection were Ben White (The King?s Men), Trent Morey (Charter Mason) and Danny Kah (Cycling-Inform). Not having a great day was Eric ?Crash Bandicoot? Sheppard, who took out the overall win in the Tour d?Indonesia last week, but managed to take himself out of the break today after clipping a wheel and as a result spending too much of his birthday getting gift wrapped by Event Paramedics!

The group worked hard to extend their lead as the roads dried, and by race end the chase bunch was down to 12, and well out of sight. The Drapac duo used their numerical advantage to perfection, with Rusli taking the sprint comfortably, with only pursuit specialist Morgan really challenging in the final 100 metres. Othman?s sprint was good enough for third, just ahead of Morey and Mitchell, with Kah and White tailed off before the final corner.

Racing before the rain, there were no traction concerns for the B Grade bunch, and the race proved a typical attacking affair, with lots of small breaks spending a lap or two off the front before being worn down. Regular visitor from Singapore, Joel Koo, was active early along with Cam Rotter (Burnley Finance), Daniel Nelson (Croydon Cycleworks) and Jamie Riedy (Fetha), as were Matt Ross (CCCC Elite), Hayden Eynaud (Kelly Cycle Coaching) and Tony Comino (The Freedom Machine).

With a bunch sprint looking lightly, the last flurry of attacks saw Sam Pickering (Pro-Motion Bicycles), Cam Nicholls and Rotter on the offensive, before Tom Quirk (O?Mara Cycles) go clear at three to go. A lap later he was joined by Mitchell Barry (Quick Cycle Coaching) and Kee Meng Ang, with the trio barley holding on as the bell rang. When the bunch turned into the finish straight for the final time, Barry was the sole survivor of the late break, and fought all the way to the line in a side-by-side drag race with Andrew Mapstone (Salter Cycles) and only conceded in the final 20 metres. A tyre width behind Barry was the fast finishing Nelson and Peter Wilkie (Monash Uni) and Ross rounded out the top five.

C Grade also handled the wet conditions well, and had no trouble negotiating the high speed corners. Too good on the day was Nick Bien (Bike Gallery) whose strong attack saw him lead Pierce Connor (Bikes de Ver), Oscar Stevenson, George Hamilton, Trent Morey and Matt Bennett clear of the bunch, before pushing on alone for the final 20 minutes of the race.

Once the rest of the break had been re-absorbed, Carl Naidoo set off in pursuit, and although unable to reach the flying Bien, his efforts gave him a very solid second place. The bunch sprint for third saw new-comer Shaun Grogan hold off Bennett, while Grade Phang (BikeNOW) was too good for Malaysian rider Som Net Jupha.

Few riders escaped the D Grade bunch for long, with the biggest field of the day more than ready to chase down everything that moved. As the bell rang, a huge attack from Nick Dubois looked like it might have caught the sprinters napping, but the head wind finish proved just that little bit too tough and he was swamped 100 metrres from glory. Ashley Watkins triumphed in the sprint, just ahead of the much improved Ned Efe, Michael Stringer and Pierce Walker.

Lisa Hanley (Cycling-Inform) took a very competitive women?s division, chased all the way by Anna Collins (O?Mara), Amber Saunders (Burnley) and Hannah McDougall (Charter Mason).

CCCC crits continue on Tuesday night at Sandown Racecourse. Gates open at 5.30pm for a 6.30pm race start.

Race Results

A Grade 50 mins + 3 laps 37 starters

1 Amir Rusli Malaysia

2 Alex Morgan Blackburn

3 Adiq Othman Malaysia

4 Trent Morey CCCC

5 Nick Mitchell Northcote

6 Danny Kah CCCC

B Grade 1 hour + 3 laps 3 starters

1 Andrew Mapstone CCCC

2 Mitchell Barry Blackburn

3 Daniel Nelson Blackburn

4 Peter Wilkie St Kilda

5 Matt Ross CCCC

C Grade 40 mins + 3 laps 35 starters

1 Nick Bien Blackburn

2 Carl Naidoo CCCC

3 Shaun Grogan CCCC

4 Matt Bennett CCCC


1 Grace Phang St Kilda

2 Som Net Jopha Malaysia

D Grade 45 mins + 3 laps 43 starters

1 Ashley Watkins CCCC

2 Ned Efe CCCC

3 Michael Stringer Blackburn

4 Pierce Walker CCCC


1 Lisa Hanley Hawthorn

2 Anna Collins CCCC

3 Amber Saunders CCCC

E Grade 30 mins 10 starters

1 Conor Rowley Blackburn

2 Maccie Carter Hawthorn

3 Erin Thomas CCCC

4 Skyler Kah CCCC

5 Josh Kah CCCC

6 Luke Forbes CCCC

7 Bryce Marquardt CCCC

8 Bradley Puts CCCC

9 Travis Muir Blackburn

10 Allison Sturt CCCC

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