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As part of my position with Rapha I’m holding the biggest party Australia has ever seen on “Alp d’Arthurs” this Saturday, Oct 15 to cheer on the riders of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. As readers of CyclingTips, I invite every single one of you to come along to enjoy the race and create an atmosphere here in our backyard that rivals anything you’ve ever seen in Europe.

This will be a massive spectacle. Bigger and rowdier than Dutch Corner. We’re bringing Bay 13 from the MGC to Arthurs Seat (only the good things of course). There will be food vendors, coffee, music, and a sea of pink so you cannot miss it. We’ll award everyone who wears something pink with a Rapha prize (until we run out). Bring your flags, noisemakers, BYOB (to keep hydrated of course) and whatever else you need to be seen and heard. This will be broadcast live on SBS2 and we don’t want it to look like the Tour of Beijing, do we?

I’ve reserved Franklin Point, or Bay 13 as we’re calling it, which sits a couple kilometers up the road. It features an amazing view of Mornington Peninsula and is the steepest part of Arthurs Seat (16%). When the riders attack, this is the place they’ll be launching their fireworks. This is the place the Sun Tour will be won or lost. Matty Lloyd wants this one bad and we can give him the roar he needs to take victory and show Omega Pharma Lotto what they missed out on.


The Women’s Race begins from Sorrento at 10:30am and they’ll hit Alp d’Arthurs at about 11:30 (finishing at about 12pm).

The Men’s Race begins from Sorrento at 1pm and ends at approximately 5pm (doing 3 laps around Arthurs Seat and finishing at the summit).


I’ll be meeting a couple mates at Cafe Racer and riding out to Arthurs at 8:30am (Saturday, Oct 15). We’ll arrive on the hill just before 11:00am to see the Women come past. I welcome you to join us. It would be great to meet many of you face to face and this’ll give us a solid couple hours of riding together. Bring a warm jacket because it’s spring in Melbourne you never know what’ll happen.

If you want to drive down to Arthurs Seat, the road up the hill will be closed to cars but there will be shuttle busses brining people up from the base. It’s not that far of a walk up to Bay 13, so bring your running shoes and come on up.

Announced Teams

This is the biggest Sun Tour we’ve ever seen. Check out the teams:


Saxobank-Sunguard (Denmark)
Omega Pharma – Lotto (BEL)
Garmin-Cervelo (USA)
Katusha (Russia)


Skil-Shimano (Dutch)
Team Type 1 (USA)
United Healthcare (USA)


Genesys Wealth Advisers (Aus)
Drapac (Aus)
PureBlack Racing (NZL)
Budget Forklifts (Aus)
Russian National Team (Russia)
Australian National Team (Aus)

and more to be announced this week…

I hope to see you there to welcome our Aussie professionals home and cheer on some of the best riders in the world!

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