St Kilda CC South Melbourne Crits 23 Oct 2011

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By St Kilda Cycling Club

Race Results

A Grade (75 starters)

1st Patrick Drapac (Brunswick CC)

2nd Robert Crowe (St Kilda CC)

3rd Nicholas Walker (Carnegie Caulfield CC)

4th Jacob Sutherland (Brunswick CC)

5th Daniel Moore (St Kilda CC)

B Grade (70 starters)

1st Tyson Breen (Brunswick CC)

2nd Shaun Gatter (Footscray CC)

3rd Eddie Wilson (St Kilda CC)

4th Chris Smith (St Kilda CC)

5th Glen Hutchinson (Footscray CC)

C Grade (54 starters)

1st Ben Loughland (Northcote CC)

2nd Simon Frost (Carnegie Caulfield CC)

3rd Matthew Young (St Kilda CC)

4th Justin Cally (St KIlda CC)

5th Erik Holt (Geelong CC)

D Grade (46 starters)

1st Angus Thomson (St Kilda CC)

2nd Reynad Smith (St Kilda CC)

3rd Christian Le Hong (St Kilda CC)

4th Patrick Hutton (St Kilda CC)

5th Marshall Johnson (St KIlda CC)

E Grade (25 starters)

1st Matt Mullins (St Kilda CC)

2nd Pete Canny (St Kilda CC)

Women’s A Grade (13 starters)

1st Jenny McPherson (St Kilda CC)

2nd Nicole Whitburn (Carnegie Caulfield CC)

3rd Rebecca Domange (Carnegie Caulfield CC)

4th Delphine Astier (Footscray CC)

5th Kate Mullarkey (Northcote CC)

Women’s B Grade (11 starters)

1st Fiona Carden (St Kilda CC)

2nd Lysiane Belton (St Kilda CC)

3rd Carolyn Phillips (Southern Veterans CC)

4th Fiona Neuwirth (St Kilda CC)

5th Suzy Barrett (Southern Vets CC)

Women’s C Grade (18 starters)

1st Renee Nutbean (St Kilda CC)

2nd Chloe Tame (St Kilda CC)

Club Messages:
Crit racing every Sunday.

Cnr of White St & Boundary Rd, South Melbourne

Women’s & E Grade 8am start

Mixed B & D Grade 9am start

Mixed A & C Grades 10:15am start

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