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Our resident trivia buff Jamie Jowett, the Cliff Clavin of cycling, must have had some time on his hands in the office yesterday and sent in some interesting Sun Tour trivia questions. How many can you guess (or google)?

1. Which current Aussie Pro’s are previous winners of the Sun Tour?

2. Which well known English Team Sky rider (with an Aussie father) won the 2009 Sun Tour?

3. Which current Swedish Omega Pharma rider won the Sun Tour in 2004 (and the Warnie the year after…)?

4. Name two Aussie riders from the US Pro Conti teams racing this year (Team Type 1 and Healthcare)?

5. Who has won the most Sun Tours, Barry Waddell or Russell Mockridge?

6. Who won two Sun Tours (1978 & 1982) and now runs a bike shop in Highett in SE Melbourne?

7. Name the Directeur Sportif of a prospective Pro team who has also won a Sun Tour?

8a. The 1990 Sun Tour winner was a German who raced 12 consecutive Tours de France, often as a loyal Lieutenant on T Mobile. His name was… Udo ____?

8b. For bonus points, he was also noted for the words he shouted at his team leader and (eventual) winner during the 1997 Tour de France, “Qual dich, du Sau! (force yourself, you sod!)”. Who was he shouting at?

9. The Sun Tour winner in 1998 also won 6 Classics during this career including the Liege Bastogne Liege and Amstel Gold, and two stage wins in the Tour de France. His name was Adri _____?

10. Name the 1983 winner and now Head Coach of British Cycling?

11. His brother won the next year, what was his name?

12. In the 2008 Sun Tour, Chris Jongewaard finished second overall behind Simon Gerrans overall, but he beat two current big name Pro’s in the Mt. Buller stage.
One rides for Sky and finished 2nd in La Vuelta this year, the other rides for Saxo Bank and wore the Giro leader’s jersey in 2010 for several days. Name them both?

13. How many Australian national road race champions will be racing the Sun Tour this year?

14. Which Aussie has ridden in every Grand Tour, but this will be his first Sun Tour?

15. Which Garmin Cervelo rider (and Aussie) riding in current Sun Tour had just won a stage in the Tour of Beijing?

I’ll post the answers in the comments section tomorrow.


What do the winners get? Let’s see what I have laying around…

First prize: Rapha Rain Jacket. I could be bias, but this is the best rain jacket I’ve ever owned.

Second prize: Rapha Shaving Cream. Don’t get it mixed up with the Embrocation. You won’t make that mistake twice.

Third prize: Rapha Le Tour Album. Who knew the French could write such good music?

Prizes for correct answers will be drawn randomly from a spreadsheet on Friday at 4pm AEST and announced in the comments. Please leave your email address in the comment login form so I can get in touch with you directly. I’m sorry, but Australia and NZ residents only.

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