Armadale Classic Criteriums – 20 Nov 2011

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By Cycling Western Australia

Open Men. 1st. C Meyer, 2nd. A Semple, 3rd. T Meyer, 4th. B Robson, 5th. A Martin.

Open Women. 1st I King, 2nd. B Wheadon, 3rd. E Wondersitz, 4th. E McRedmond.

Support. 1st. A Lee, 2nd. C Baker, 3rd. G Topp, 4th. L Sherwin,

Masters. 1st S Pearce, 2nd. S Sanders, 3rd. I Lyne, 4th. T Anderson.

Juniors U13 Boys. 1st H Turton, 2nd. K Scott, 3rd. D Sellar, 4th. T Hayward.

Juniors U15 Boys. 1st. J Karel, 2nd. C Lambert, 3rd. L McCrea.

Juniors U17 Boys. 1st. S Welsford, 2nd. J Hindley, 3rd. T Sellar, 4th. M Jackson.

Juniors U15 Girls. 1st. N Jefferies, 2nd. J Anderson, 3rd. J Sellar, 4th. B Ramshaw.

Juniors U17 Girls. 1st M Booker, 2nd S Sherwin, 3rd. S Karel

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