Behind the Scenes With Genesys Pro Cycling

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Back in October Kathryn Feldmaier spent the week travelling with the Genesys Pro Cycling Team during the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. And what a great week it was. Katheryn is mainly a stills photographer but took this opportunity to film a behind the scenes look at Team Genesys and Nathan Haas’ first big victory of many to come.

Here’s what Kathryn had to say about her experience filming the guys on Genesys:

I was a bit worried about shooting my first piece on a race team. My past experience has mostly been with Motocross and Mountain Biking, both very familiar to me and something I am very comfortable shooting. I saw the Chasing Legends doco and that’s when I started thinking I could perhaps do something like that on an Australian team. I was supposed to meet the Genesys Team on the Tuesday night before the race but unfortunately we couldn’t get together and I had to show up to the race on Wednesday without having met any of the team. I spotted Steve Price and introduced myself. The riders were all getting ready to start the race so it wasn’t until back at the Motel in Ballarat that I first met Steele Von Hoff where he was on the massage table semi-naked trying to relax after the race and here I am standing there with my camera introducing myself and telling him I was there to take to photos of him! He didn’t care at all and made me feel very welcome. I met Nathan Haas next. I asked to interview him and without any prompting he just chatted away about his experience that day. I didn’t even have to ask any questions – he’s a natural in front of the camera!

I met the rest of the riders and crew before the race at Ballarat and got to spend some more time with them after the race in Geelong. Everyone made me feel very welcome and was really easy to get along with. I must admit I had visions of temperamental riders not wanting to cooperate and having to work hard to get the footage I was after. This was not the case however. They were not conscious of the camera even though I was in their face a lot of the time and really just went about their business as though I was not there, that is exactly what I was hoping for and I believe it made for a very honest doco on the team. I really cant speak highly enough of everyone involved, even though it was a pretty high stress environment they were all willing to help and made sure I was ok with everything. It was such a wonderful experience and just like the riders aspiring to make it over in Europe I too have the same dream, although I think I will run in to a few of those aforementioned temperamental riders there but I am sure I could deal with that!

Have a great weekend and ride safe!

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