Coburg CC National Boulevard Coburg Criterium – 12 Nov 2011

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By Coburg Cycling Club

Race Results

A grade – 44.2km/hr ave

1.Steve Pilson (John West)

2.Kos Samaras (Kosdown)

3.James Butler (John West)

4.Bradley Wright (Preston)

B grade

1.Nic Hamley

2.Glen Grbesa

3.Simon Macauley

C grade

1.Michael Holder

2.Ashraf Abdou

3.Daryl Beovich

Female ? Lauretta Hanson

D grade

1.Bryce MacKenzie

2.Steve Palmer

3.Mark Paulser

Club Messages:
Over $800 dollars was given away on a day which saw very fast racing across all grades. A Grade was its usual fast pace, with a 4 man break forming mid race.

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