Footscray CC VUT Criteriums – 24 Nov 2011

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By Footscray Cycling Club

The Footscray Cycling Club’s criterium racing at the VUT in Hopper’s Crossing on Thursday night raced on the short circuit, making racing more challenging, more technical and a whole level more difficult. In A-Grade’s race, the level of attacks left the majority of riders on the rivet and off the back in short shift; Club Champion Steve Pilson and Geordie Probert finished just clear of the pared down chasing bunch after Probert made a break for it, with Pilson holding his wheel and inevitably rolling him over the line; Dom Dudkiewicz taking third just ahead of Brett Hickford. A late race crash saw young Lachie Doak and Adrian Rafferty hit the pavement in a genuine racing incident, both battered and bruised but in good spirits afterwards. B-Grade’s race was a slogfest from the start, with rider after rider attacking the bunch and trying their luck in a break, and rider after rider being dropped in the mad chase. Eventual winner Peter Robertson and Remo Munaretto timed their break to perfection, holding the field at bay and eventually lapping the field. C-Grade’s race was taken by soon to be B-Grader Peter Humphries in a bunch sprint, with Anthony Netkow taking D-Grade’s sprint over Tim Marcus and E-Grade’s Dean Maclennan taking a well deserved win.

Race Results

A-Grade: 1st Steve Pilson, 2nd Geordie Probert, 3rd Dom Dudkiewicz, 4th Brett Hickford, 5th James Butler.

B-Grade: 1st Peter Robertson, 2nd Remo Munaretto, 3rd Mitch Dedman, 4th Les Kennett, 5th Trevor Perry

C-Grade: 1st Peter Humphries, 2nd Bruce Boulton, 3rd David Rhodes, 4th Shane Mc Guirk, 5th Simon Diderrich.

D-Grade: 1st Anthony Netkow, 2nd Tim Marcus, 3rd Robert Stonehouse.

E-Grade: 1st Dean Maclennan, 2nd Rob Wood.

Club Messages:
Saturday morning’s racers were greeted by another disappointing washout with over 70 mm of rain falling over the day. The Club Legends race will therefore be rescheduled

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