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Today the first of many announcements on Green Edge signings have been released. For those of you who are not familiar, Green Edge is Australia’s greatest chance to date for getting the first Australian registered ProTeam.

Shayne Bannan has stated that up to 75% of the roster will be Australian riders (expected 30 man roster) and they’ll concentrate on the Cobbled and Ardenne Classics.

As I receive press releases and speculation becomes reality, I’ll keep a list of the roster, equipment and news here in this running post. Feel free to contribute in the comments as you see fit and find updates.

Interview With Shayne Bannan, October 11, 2011

Confirmed Final Roster – 30 Riders

Luke Durbridge (AUS) – 20yrs old. NeoPro. Announced Nov. 8

Michael Hepburn (AUS) – 20yrs old. NeoPro. Announced Nov. 8

Darryl Impey (SA) – 26yrs old. All-Rounder. Announced Oct. 11

Christian Meier (CAN) – 26yrs old. All-Rounder. Announced Oct. 11

Julian Dean (NZ) – 36yrs old. Lead-out/Sprinter. Announced Oct. 4

Aidis Kruopis (Lithuania) – Sprinter. Unofficially Announced Sept 30 (not by GreenEDGE).

Mitch Docker (Aus) – 25yrs old. Classics rider. Announced Sept 27

Brett Lancaster (Aus) – 31yrs old. Rouleur. Announced Sept 22

Allan Davis (Aus) – 31yrs old. Sprinter. Announced Sept 20

Wesley Sulzberger (Aus) – 23yrs old. All rounder. Announced Sept 13

Leigh Howard (Aus) – 21yrs old. Sprinter. Announced Sept 12

Jens Keukeleire (BEL) – 22yrs old. Classics Rider. Announced Sept 9

Matthew Harley Goss (Aus) – 26yrs old. Sprinter. Announced Sept 6

Michael Albasini (CH) – 31yrs old. All rounder. Announced Sept 5.

Robbie McEwen (Aus) – 39yrs old. Sprinter. Announced Sept 1.

Fumiyuki Beppu (Jap) – 28yrs old. All rounder. Announced Sept 1.

Thomas Vaitkus (LVA ) – 29yrs old. All rounder. Announced August 29

Baden Cooke (Aus) – 32yrs old. Sprinter, Classics rider. Announced August 26

Matty Wilson (Aus) – 33 yrs old. All rounder. Announced August 26

Svein Tuft (CAN) – 34yrs old. Time Trialist. Announced August 24

Simon Clarke (Aus) – 26yrs old. All rounder. Announced August 23

Jens Mouris (NLD) – 32yrs old Announced August 22

Simon Gerrans (Aus) – 31yrs old. Classics rider, stage specialist. Announced August 17.

Sebastian Langeveld (NLD) – 26yrs old Announced August 16

Pieter Weening (NLD) – 30yrs old. Announced August 10

Stuart O’Grady (Aus) – 37yrs old. Classics rider (former sprinter). Announced, August 8

Travis Meyer (Aus) – 22yrs old. Time Trialist

Cameron Meyer (Aus) – 23yrs old. Time Trialist

Jack Bobridge (Aus) – 22yrs old. All rounder

Daniel Teklehaymanot (Eritrea) – 22yrs old. All rounder


Team Management (confirmed)

Mike McKay – CEO – Parts ways with Green Edge

Brian Nygaard – Communications Direction. Announced Aug 28

Andrew Ryan – Director

Shayne Bannan – General Manager

Neil Stephens – Director Sportif

Dr Peter Barnes – Medical Officer

Will Walker – Rider Development

Álvaro Crespi – Financial Director

Technical Sponsors:


Scott Foil (confirmed)

Scott Plasma (confirmed)


Santini (confirmed)

Some new kit potential designs by my mate SimpleSime – kit designer extraordinaire (quick and dirty mock-ups based on known color scheme)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Download fullsized feature article here. Courtesy of Rupert Guinness and Fairfax media.


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