Hawthorn CC Summer Criterium 6 – 9 Nov 2011

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By Hawthorn Cycling Club

Race Results

A Grade

1. Nick Walker (Carnegie-Caulfield)

2. Liam Dove (Blackburn)

3. Patrick Drapac (Brunswick)

B Grade

1. Vince Condello (Hawthorn)

2. Jack French (Hawthorn)

3. Kevin Murphy (Hawthorn)

C Grade

1. Zac Anderson (Hawthorn)

2. Jonathan Gray (Hawthorn)

3. Nicholas Irving (Hawthorn)

D Grade

1. Morgan Curtis (Hawthorn)

2. Thomas Weereratine (St Kilda)

3. Angus Flood (Blackburn)

Full race results here

Finish line videos here