Snowy Munro/Jack McDonough Memorial Handicap 60km – 27 Nov 2011

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Race Results

1st: Tom McDonough (6min 30)

2nd: Ron Peel (14min) @ 0:27

3rd: Scott Logan (6min 30) @ 0.33

The Snowy Munro/Jack McDonough Memorial Handicap ended in a thrilling finish in Highlands at the top of the final 5km climb and was won by Jack’s son Tom McDonough in a sensational ride off 2nd scratch. 2nd scratch caught the leaders with only a km or so to ride to the finish and with the help of Tom’s brother Luke bridged to the leaders to take the win. Reports from the finish line were that they had never seen Tom hurting so much at the finish of a race, foaming at the mouth was how one official described it. Perhaps it was Tom’s late father pushing him that extra little bit that did it for him. Ron Peel off 14min held on for 2nd by only 6 sec in gallant ride, followed by Scott Logan off 2nd scratch who half way up the climb had to let Tom’s wheel go as Tom stormed up the climb. Scott decided that he had to ride at his own pace and also let 4th place Condello ride away before clawing him back over the final kilometres. The club is very thankful to especially Luke McDonough, Russell Bradley and Alan Munro who helped make this unique inaugural handicap a success. This was probably one of the first true hill climb finishes for a handicap in Australia.