A Classification of Cyclists

by CyclingTips

I came across this excellent illustration this morning which categorises a selection of noteworthy cyclists throughout the history of the sport. Professionals, amateurs, heroes, cheats, hardmen…many of them are here.

This graphic art appears to be a labor of love which was created by Neil Wyatt. You can purchase it here in A3 size for $25.

It’s nice that Australia gets its own chainring including riders such as Phil Anderson, Stuey O’Grady, Robbie McEwen, Anna Meares, Cadel Evans and Brad McGee. It’s also interesting to note the interpretation of the selected cyclists and how they’ve been classified. Will history remember Lance Armstrong as a “Legend” or a “Cheat”? Richard Virenque grouped as a “Tifosi Darling”, meanwhile Jan Ulrich is placed in “Nearly Men” alongside Andy Schleck. While this is just one person’s interpretation of a selected group of cyclists, it’s a treasure for enthusiasts to comb over and debate who is (and isn’t) included and how they’ve been remembered.