Bikes Of The Bunch – ’73 Bianchi Restoration

by CyclingTips

I’ve been receiving some beautiful bikes in my inbox but I thought we’d take a break from carbon fiber this week. This project was sent in by Igor Dacic from Croatia. A beautifully restored ’73-’74 Bianchi with some wonderful touches.

I found this 1973-74 Bianchi in a basement at some old guy who is going to sell it so I made him an offer, and he accept the price of 70€. the bike was a totaly rack, all rusty and dirty, so i decided to go for a full restoration.

So it begun. Original bianchi paint, the stickers were made, and the parts were sent to a little shop that sells jewellery and they brushed it all with gold brushing machinery. The Bianchi logo on the stem was filled with real paint that is using for golden jewellery and then put in the oven for baking. The restauration lasted for 2-3 months. Full campagnolo groupset except the brakes which I had to replace. They were useless. Brooks leather bar tape, Velo Orange saddle, Cinelli bar and pedals with soma straps, and continental tires.

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