Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club – Lorraine & Ike Collings Memorial Crits

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Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club
Lorraine & Ike Collings Memorial Crits
Date: 18/12/2011

The second running of the Lorraine and Ike Collings Memorial Criteriums at Glenvale Crescent this morning saw fantastic racing in all grades, with aggressive attacking racing unfolding as every rider did their best to earn the prestigious win in their grade. It was more than a bit touch and go with the weather, with a big storm brewing up north, but once again someone upstairs was smiling on us and apart from a few light and brief sprinkles, heavy humidity was the worst riders had to deal with.

Thanks to Apollo Bicycles and O’Mara Cycles for providing great prizes: entry fees from the day are donated to the Collings Foundation which supports junior riders enter what can be an expensive sport. Thanks also to Daryl and Emma Collings for representing the family on the day.

Warren Knevitt (O’Mara Cycles) and Matt Shea (Velocino) kicked off the attacks in A Grade, but weren’t able to hold of the charging bunch for long. The succession of the attacks that followed saw Michael Gallagher (Jayco VIS), Pat Lane (Jayco AIS) and team mate Calvin Watson briefly clear in solo moves, before Michael Knoff (John West Cycling) bridged to Watson for a short stint.

Watson also combined with James Mowatt (Search2Retain), but the bunch was still letting nothing stick. Lane combined with Leigh ‘the weather man’ de Luca, but got no shelter behind the smallest rider of the bunch. David Sturt (Cycling-Inform) and Gallagher were next to join Lane approaching the 30 minute mark, and for a while it looked like their move had succeeded in splitting the bunch as the lead group swelled to a dozen over the next two laps.

The O’Mara and Charter Mason squads had missed the split however, and combined to close things down again. Watson, Mowatt and Trent Morey (Charter Mason) continued on for a few laps but were never out of catching distance. The final big move saw Lane away with Knoff, Gallagher, Danny Kah (Cycling-Inform), Mowatt and Aaron Eyanud (Charter Mason) as the race end neared. Lane attacked out of the group just before the final three laps were called and with an impressive effort defied the bunches best effort to reel him in. Nathan Elliot and Nick Bien (Bike Gallery) almost got on terms, but the pocket rocked dug deep and led by just enough through the final corner to hold off the final dash from the sprinters.

Watson made it a one-two for the Jayco AIS team with a convincing sprint ahead of James Henry (Chilli Cycles), Mowatt, Ben White (The King’s Men) and Kah.

Ex boxer Andrew Kujath was the standout rider for the first three quarters of the B Grade race, powering away with Richard Cormick (Burnley Finance) soon after the kick off. Sam Pickering (Cyfac) chased across, and the lead group swelled to five a few laps later when Jordan Stannus (Jones Cycles) and Will Thomas (Burnley) bridged.

Only Thomas and and Pickering could match Kujath for long, with Pickering hanging on longest. Dan Young made it over to keep the Burnley colours up front for a while longer, but in the end Kujath had to continue on alone. When he was finally reeled in Evan Rolton (Rockit) attacked immediately but didn’t get far, but the next move looked much more promising. Oscar Stevenson, Adam Versteege (Zoom Video Racing), Fergus Sully (Bike Gallery), Pickering and Camden Bush (Charter Mason) combined, and held off the chasers until the final three laps when the field reformed.

With a bunch sprint looming, Sean McIvor (Kelly Cycle Coaching) went for a flyer just before the bell, but couldn’t hang on, allowing Braeden Dean (Avanti Plus) to try a similar move along the back straight. Dean’s move was timed to perfection, and he powered home to a good win, just ahead of the sprinters, led home by team mate Jack Hickey from Matt Ross (CCCC Elite), Marc Wilson (Avanti) and Pickering. Carley McKay and Helen Kelly made it a 1-2 for the Kelly Coaching squad in the women’s division.

If there was a prize for the most aggressive in C Grade, it would have gone to Drew Morey, who spent virtually the entire race trying to get away. His first attack was with Shane Barr which saw the pair away for around ten minutes. While Morey caught his breath Simon Mandragoona attacked and rode solo for a few laps, but the youngster was back in the action soon after, combining with Thomas Verleys-Donk and Lucas Hamilton, and later James Harrison and Stephen Menzies to escape the chasers.

When those breaks proved unsuccesful, he tried a solo move but in the end could do nothing to prevent the sprinters getting back on terms. Tom Russel took the win, pleased to hit the tape first after a few near misses, a length clear of top junior Lucas Hamilton and Thomas Verleys-Donk (Bikes de Ver), with Rhys Buzza fourth. Lauretta Hanson (Kosdown) led the women home, sprinting well to relegate Emma Lyall (KAOS) and Nina Greig-Towers (CCCC Elite) to the minor places.

An unusually rapid start saw quite a few of the D Grade regulars blown out the back in the opening minutes, and even when the pace slowed a little a handful of strong riders kept the pace uncomfortably fast to the finish. Despite the solid pace nearing the finish, James Tickner threw caution to the wind with an attack at three to go, which was quickly snuffed out by the diesel engines driving the bunch.

The youngster was back at the front at the bell, but fresher legs prevailed, with Pierce Walker showing an impressive finishing kick to take the win ahead of first timer Andrew Kringas (Fuel), Lachlan Holliday and Sam Harris. Amber Saunders got the women’s win for the Burnley Finance team ahead of Victoria Snibson and Annina Schillig.

CCCC’s final race for 2011 is at Sandown on Tuesday evening. The gate opens at 5.30pm with all races kicking off at 6.30pm.

A Grade 60 mins + 3 laps 50 starters

1 Pat Lane CCCC

2 Calvin Watson CCCC

3 James Henry Warragul

4 James Mowatt CCCC

5 Ben White CCCC

6 Danny Kah CCCC

B Grade 1 hour + 3 laps 57 starters

1 Braeden Dean Bendigo

2 Jack Hickey CCCC

3 Matt Ross CCCC

4 Marc Wilson Blackburn

5 Sam Pickering CCCC

Women Carley McKay CCCC

2 Helen Kelly CCCC

C Grade 50 mins + 3 laps 36 starters

1 Tom Riussel St Kilda

2 Lucas Hamilton Ararat

3 Thomas Verleys-Donk CCCC

4 Rhys Buzza Southern Masters

Women Lauretta Hanson Macedon

2 Emma Lyall CCCC

3 Nina Greig-Towers CCCC

D Grade 45 mins + 3 laps 56 starters

1 Pierce Walker CCCC

2 Andrew Kringas CCCC

3 Lachlan Holliday Blackburn

4 Sam Harris CCCC

Women Amber Saunders CCCC

2 Victoria Snibson Ballarat

3 Annina Schillig Austria

E Grade 30 mins 21 starters

1 Marcus Heron CCCC

2 Georgia Cummings CCCC

3 Skylar Kah CCCC

4 Mietta Greig-Hurtig CCCC

5 Erin Thomas CCCC

6 Connall Murphy Blackburn

7 Alana Field CCCC

8 Bill Simpson CCCC

9 Luke Forbes CCCC

10 Riley Nicholls CCCC

11 Krista Imberger CCCC

12 Bradley Puts CCCC

13 Harry Sturt CCCC

14 Carol Cooke CCCC

15 Josh Kah CCCC

16 Sebastian Formoso CCCC

17 Lele Kaltmann CCCC

18 Sam Tickner CCCC

19 Shanelle Freeman CCCC

20 Matt Hunt CCCC

21 Madeleine Currie CCCC

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