Footscray CC Graded Criteriums @ V.U.T – 24 Dec 2011

by CyclingTips

By Footscray Cycling Club

Saturday morning’s racers were greeted by clear blue skies and light winds, and in A-Grade’s race it was another daring late race move that paid off. With a hectic pace that saw many riders shelved, James Butler, Brett Hickford and Chris Zucchet broke away late in the race and built up a good lead; on the last lap Zucchet’s pace first saw Butler and then Hickford slow, with the sizzling Zucchet crossing clear of Hickford, who in turn was clear of Butler. B-Grade’s race pace was high, averaging 41kph, and the attacks regular, but it still came down to a bunch sprint, with Iain Clark and Mark Micallef side by side all the way up the straight; Clark taking the win by a half-wheel. C-Grade saw the ever-improving Darren Payne take the win, with D-Grade rider Rod Stonehouse taking a strong win in a bunch sprint, and Paul Portelli on his way up to D after taking E-Grade’s sprint.

A: 1st Chris Zucchet, 2nd Brett Hickford, 3rd James Butler, 4th Paul Anders & 5th Nick Squillari.

B: 1st Iain Clark, 2nd Mark Micallef, 3rd Peter Humphries, 4th Anthony Molinia & 5th Matt Wyatt.

C: 1st Darren Payne, 2nd Travis Small, 3rd Stephen Liley, 4th Ross Schubach & 5th Chris Mitrovski.

D: 1st Rod Stonehouse, 2nd Michael Hines, 3rd Tom Gray & 4th John Ryan.

E: 1st Paul Portelli, 2nd Anthony Elliot