Sweat and Sand Cyclocross Series #1

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Saturday saw the inaugural ‘cross race in Perth, WA. The Sweat and Sand Cyclocross series was organised by Perth Mountain Bike Club. Competitors were greeted with 36 degrees (Celsius not Fahrenheit for all the Euro’s) temperatures at the Claremont Showgrounds, for the late afternoon race. The event saw great racing across all grades, with energetic support from the cowbell-wielding crowd of riders and spectators. The crowd was not disappointed, the barriers and run up claimed many victims. In A-grade James Kennedy styled it up for the crowd, demonstrated his skills by bunny hopping the barriers and riding the run up. Early January will see the second round of the Series at Garvey Park.

A-Grade 30 min + 1 lap
1. Chris Fisher
2. Adrian Middleton
3. James Kennedy
4. Mathew Upton
5. Ashley Williams
6. John Carney
7. Tom Clifton
8. Dave Nairn

B-Grade 25 min + 1 lap
1. Ash Genefaas
2. Steve Courtice
3. Rohan Edwards
4. Glen Dozenberg
5. Greg Murison
6. Dan O’Kane
7. Jason Chua
8. Jeff Yeaton
9. Martin Booth

C-Grade 20 min + 1 lap
1. Russell Horlin
2. Morrison McQueen
3. Rod Atkinson
4. David Shailer
5. Simone McAllum
6. Leonne Burford
7. Jedd Seward
8. Claire Garcia-Webb
9. Scott Littleford
10. Juliana Austin-Olsen
11. Andrew Haskon
12. Jacqui Hickey
13. Abi Patterson
14. Florian Breitenbach

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