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Things are beginning to pick up in the What You Missed This Morning (WYMTM) Christmas photo competition and we’re seeing some terrific photos being submitted…

I’m also seeing lots of other good photos come through but unfortunately they’re not making it through to the competition because they lack certain elements (eg. low quality, poor composition, not within the theme of competition, etc).

I want you to be as creative as possible so I haven’t put many guidelines on what will be accepted into the competition, but here are a few of the better photos that I’ve hand picked to give you an idea:

Wonderful composition, lighting and colors. There does not necessarily need to be a bike in the photo to be inspiring. "@cyclingtips And then we got wet. White Hills, Northern Tasmania 20.12.11 #wymtm http://t.co/ZJnEzdEO"

This is a fantastic photo but unfortunately there's no snow on the top of Hotham right now and violates the 6 week old rule. However, it's an excellent example of a photo that makes me want to wake up early and get out and go for a ride!

Wonderful photo, interesting landscape and good composition. "You can just ride out there forever....."

I'm going to have to check into the date this photo was taken, but it's a beautiful example. "Sunrise at Mont Ventoux"

The quality of this photo is lacking but the composition more than makes up for it. Doesn't it make you want to go for a ride in the rain?

The rules say that only one photo can be submitted, but I don't see anything wrong with stitching a few photos together into one in order to tell a bit of a story.

This doesn't have much to do with cycling, but if I were on a ride and saw a sight like this I'd definitely pull over and photograph it. Awesome pic!

Image quality here isn't superb but it captures the essence of "WYMTM". If all you have is a camera phone, it's much better than no camera at all!

I'm not a big fan of "posing" photos, but if you look as stylish as her and the quality is good, then definitely go ahead and send in!

Another fantastic photo with an interesting subject and the low sun in the background. "Friday morning mtb ride in Canberra with many of the crew"

What can I say? Magic!

This one makes me dizzy just looking at it. Could be better quality but it simply makes me want to ride that road! "Christmas Calorie Crusher Day 2 in Sassafras. Great morning again."

This is a photo I took up Mt Buffalo this morning. Too much "X-Pro Lomo" filtering, but not bad for a iphone photo

Submitted Photos

To submit your photo into the competition you can simply tweet your photo with the hashtag #WYMTM and include @cyclingtips, you can email to cyclingtips-yfjoc9@olapic.me (make sure it’s this address!), or you can upload via the form below. All photos that get past moderation will be updated and posted in the gallery below:

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The following prizes are at stake. All it takes to win is stopping for a few seconds to look around, compose and shoot the photo of your life. It’s pretty easy, don’t you think? Damn…if I were eligible I’d be out every morning with a DSLR trying to snap up one of these prizes!

Read the rules here

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