Bay Crits | Stage 4

by CyclingTips

For the second time in four days Caleb Ewan did what no one expected. The young 17yr old out-sprinted a select field of seasoned pros and showed that he’s one of Australia’s most promising future stars.

There’s no doubt that high expectations will be placed on Caleb after the show he’s put on over this Bay Crit series. Caleb’s demonstrated race smarts will get him even further than those fiery little legs of his. It’s one thing to be able to sprint faster than these guys, but what many people underestimate is how difficult it is to position yourself in the perfect position coming into a bunch kick against these guys who know all the tricks and have the legs to finish it off. To put his race experience into perspective, McEwen was racing professionally before Caleb was even born! I can’t quite tell what my overwhelming feeling is on that – disappointment for GreenEDGE, or elation for Caleb.

Tomorrow night is the Australian National Criterium Championships in Ballarat with a 1.1km hotdog circuit. Great for spectators, horrendous for the riders. Full event information can be found here. Lucky for the guys racing that Caleb isn’t eligible for another few years…

Men’s Stage 4 Results

1. Caleb EWAN (NSWIS)
2. Leigh HOWARD (GreenEDGE)
3. Allan DAVIS (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms)
4. Bernie SULZBERGER (Urban Hotels)
5. Anthony GIACOPPO (Bike Bug)
6. Chris SUTTON (Urban Hotels)
7. Greg HENDERSON (Degani Bakery Cafe)
8. Robbie MCEWEN (GreenEDGE)
9. Sam WITMITZ (Budget Forklifts)
10. Nathan HAAS (Bike Bug)

Final General Classification

1. Allan DAVIS (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 29 pt
2. Caleb EWAN (NSWIS) 28
3. Anthony GIACOPPO (Bike Bug) 23
4. Bernie SULZBERGER (Urban Hotels) 22
5. Chris SUTTON (Urban Hotels) 19
6. Greg HENDERSON (Degani Bakery Cafe) 16
7. Leigh HOWARD (GreenEDGE) 13
8. Luke DURBRIDGE (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 10
9. Nathan HAAS (Bike Bug) 8
10. Koen DE KORT (Urban Hotels) 8

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