Footscray CC VUT Criteriums – 29 Dec 2011

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By Footscray Cycling Club

A-Grade: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Peter Braunsteins, 3rd Sean Gatter, 4th Chris Zucchet & 5th Luca Giacomin.

B-Grade: 1st Jessie Fergie, 2nd Rob Stocker, 3rd Murray Crawford, 4th Chris Broeren & 5th Drew Macdonald.

C-Grade: 1st John Ryan, 2nd Shane McGuirk, 3rd John Paxton, 4th Travis Small, 5th Ross Schubach.

D-Grade: 1st Darren Terry, 2nd Tom Gray, 3rd Dennis Hobbs & 4th Peter Bloink